1. Rick Mcginnis

    Rick Mcginnis

    22 hours ago

    What next to shoot out of the can cannon? A Fleshlight?

  2. Ano N. Ymous

    Ano N. Ymous

    22 hours ago

    I half-expected it to be full-auto

  3. Zoya Golubeva

    Zoya Golubeva

    22 hours ago

    Everyone wants to have a good time....but you will not spend time!

  4. Marco Anonymous

    Marco Anonymous

    22 hours ago


  5. xxxmx 45

    xxxmx 45

    22 hours ago

    Velvetaaaaa best cheese ever made

  6. Callsign Frost

    Callsign Frost

    22 hours ago

    Try to get mr mballen out there for vid



    22 hours ago

    Please Don't waste food

  8. Ken Kneram

    Ken Kneram

    22 hours ago

    This guy is the very definition of a "Gun Nut." 1) Clearly more money than brains. 2) Enough firepower to outfit a small army. 3) Wasteful. How many hungry children could be fed if he gave them each one of those guns to to hunt with instead of collecting obsessively. ...and where the fuck did he get a tank???!!! (See 1) This is just a board rich kid with nothing better to do than destroy expensive shit! DISGUSTING!

  9. D-Boy Rob

    D-Boy Rob

    23 hours ago

    i hope those are standard parachute regiment equipment by the time i join

  10. Apinop Sriratanapaitool

    Apinop Sriratanapaitool

    23 hours ago

    request cobra.380 to review

    • Apinop Sriratanapaitool

      Apinop Sriratanapaitool

      23 hours ago

      it's 119.99 - 139.99 usd

  11. sohrab roshan

    sohrab roshan

    23 hours ago

    Let her go

  12. G-HOD


    23 hours ago

    Bro face before the reveal was like “impress me if you think you can 😐” and after the reveal was like “😲🥴😍” my face did the same 😂 that pistol looks NOICE!

  13. Matt Dehn

    Matt Dehn

    23 hours ago

    Most of this age demographic will not understand the Europtrip reference...

  14. Timothy Reilly

    Timothy Reilly

    23 hours ago

    Phew! Sad people

  15. darkloquendification


    23 hours ago

    Ok Kinetic Sand inside Body Armor = God Mode 😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  16. Cheese Cake

    Cheese Cake

    23 hours ago

    He should of shot the 50 bmg

  17. Daniel McBride

    Daniel McBride

    23 hours ago

    “It’s not great to wear if you’re going up against the ATF”… Brandon kills me every time 😂

  18. TheFinalJUROR


    23 hours ago

    Definitely more than 120 pounds.

  19. Christopher Kaegi

    Christopher Kaegi

    23 hours ago

    Rugar 57 Green tip. 29grn

  20. Ricky Martinez

    Ricky Martinez

    23 hours ago

    Test out if smart watches are bullet proof or any watches In general lol !!

  21. NoHate4TheWikked


    23 hours ago

    Me waiting for the .50cal like 👁👄👁

  22. Stormpaw The wolf

    Stormpaw The wolf

    23 hours ago


  23. Kīsu


    23 hours ago

    I would have shot the car till it exploded

  24. Equinox TB

    Equinox TB

    23 hours ago

    Acetylene next

  25. lyle jacobs

    lyle jacobs

    23 hours ago

    U both have boxers on

  26. darkloquendification


    23 hours ago

    Next: Is Tsar Bomba Bulletproof?😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  27. Gary McCullough

    Gary McCullough

    23 hours ago

    What is the maker what company

  28. Ashley Burris

    Ashley Burris

    23 hours ago

    is cookie dough bullet proof?

  29. Pablo Chavez

    Pablo Chavez

    23 hours ago

    La espada de zabusa

  30. Debby Bostrom

    Debby Bostrom

    23 hours ago

    how may there be crack on the back you ask? well,its the shock wave coming from the force of the bullet it goes around the glass and when the force hits each other at the back it makes a crack p.s. STAY PATRIOTIC

  31. Daddy Penguin

    Daddy Penguin

    23 hours ago

    Liberal rage

  32. Ronnie Tooley

    Ronnie Tooley

    Day ago

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  33. Ronnie Tooley

    Ronnie Tooley

    Day ago

    The joyous rooster delightfully dam because manicure ganguly fasten unlike a mushy fur. heady, stupendous mountain

  34. Krishna Panchal

    Krishna Panchal

    Day ago

    This is the video that got me watching all these years ago

  35. Crunch


    Day ago

    this is the best trio on youtube 😂

  36. Somewhere far far Away

    Somewhere far far Away

    Day ago

    Aaaaand hes officially f***ed.. I knew this day would come oh joy for how its finally arrived I feel happy now I'm bout to get the ultimate satisfaction here

  37. N0rdlys_


    Day ago

    This was the first Demolition Ranch video, And I have no regrets

  38. K.T Veta

    K.T Veta

    Day ago


  39. Lucas Hartley

    Lucas Hartley

    Day ago

    What a waste of nos

  40. osse manden DK

    osse manden DK

    Day ago

    lol the last lock :robber ( aaaaahhhhh shit here we go again)

  41. N0rdlys_


    Day ago

    Year 2504 Speaker: And today we shall celebrate the 480th anniversary of the "Valiant Soldier". It is said that this soldier fended off multiple opponents using a "Bravo Shield"

  42. SS K

    SS K

    Day ago

    I work with that guy.

  43. Wakka Flocka

    Wakka Flocka

    Day ago

    They could overthrow the white house

  44. Jediknight 129

    Jediknight 129

    Day ago

    Given the cost of ammo it would probably be cheaper to get mugged.

  45. Handy Keppy

    Handy Keppy

    Day ago

    Image that in some country people are probably relying on the body armour.

  46. Boseeinsteinshake


    Day ago

    1944 Henschel: Krummlauf 2021 DemolitionRanch: VERYKrummlauf

  47. james .

    james .

    Day ago

    can you imagine if brandon didn’t pick an Ak 😂

  48. Toby Beggs

    Toby Beggs

    Day ago

    Love that intro 🤣🤣🤣

  49. David Krüger

    David Krüger

    Day ago

    What does it need to to make a tank inoperable? (track chains, engine, gun turret, hatch)

  50. steve austin

    steve austin

    Day ago

    смотрел тебя на зебре ,так то классно делаешь,у меня вопрос ,а законно у вас держать дома столько оружия?)

  51. Jacob Steele

    Jacob Steele

    Day ago

    Yo man! Ive been shot with a shotgun. In my left elbow.

  52. Toxidicus


    Day ago

    What in the actual fuck

  53. Omigood


    Day ago

    First Person Gun FPS shooter games are not far from the future bois

  54. johnhagebeuk8


    Day ago

    Congratulations brother

  55. Ricky Walter

    Ricky Walter

    Day ago

    Oh yeah, they’re definitely ready if a zombie outbreak ever happens. XD

  56. Rachel Furnival

    Rachel Furnival

    Day ago


  57. Michael Diorio

    Michael Diorio

    Day ago

    matt: getting hosed down by daughter dog: licking air

  58. Frederik Miller

    Frederik Miller

    Day ago

    now for the moment we are all waiting for.... shoot a bottle of jet fuel attached to an I-beam lol

  59. 1996_12valve


    Day ago

    The ending was perfect, gonna have to take all of your new guns you buy out to your gunsmith. Just be more careful next time so you don’t lose and destroy anymore guns;)

  60. Алексей Бажанов

    Алексей Бажанов

    Day ago

    Hi!!! Привет из России! Мэт, на досуге попробуй сделать броню из шариков от подшипника. Насыпать шариков между двумя стальными пластинами.

  61. Frozenfire


    Day ago

    The problem with this is that during an elevator case tension tends to pull the wire thus it is much easier to cut it.

  62. Kenneth lott

    Kenneth lott

    Day ago

    Say I hate to run across those white Boyz lol

  63. unknown.


    Day ago

    Just read what he did, man this guy went through more than most of us could imagine and he came out with a positive outlook on life and has good humor about it. Good to see them both having fun

  64. Lester


    Day ago

    This could be given to civilians during a war. It can be concealed easily

  65. Sebastian Salazar

    Sebastian Salazar

    Day ago

    I knew he had a lot of guns but not that many😳

  66. Lobo Solitario

    Lobo Solitario

    Day ago

    Bwahahahaha...he had a coin in his wallet

  67. Someone Unknown

    Someone Unknown

    Day ago

    I told you he needs a psychiatrist. I told you but nobody listens. Now he completely lost it.

  68. mama mami 1234 yeet

    mama mami 1234 yeet

    Day ago

    Make a 30 min or an hour video of you explaining every gun..we'd still watch that..honestly i expected that today..not dissappointed with this but that would've been better

  69. Richard K

    Richard K

    Day ago

    To be fair it would have been cool if he landed all 5 shots with the big iron.

  70. Vedant Dholam

    Vedant Dholam

    Day ago

    Everbody gangsta until the dummy starts speaking

  71. Garth McRipfist

    Garth McRipfist

    Day ago

    How well did the bullet hole shirts do? Because that's a good idea

  72. Ankit Mukand

    Ankit Mukand

    Day ago

    I give one time comment that is that anyone who obeys 10 commandments a non destructible body and a planet made by Jesus Christ is given when he comes so wait for his coming otherwise UN NEW WORLD ORDER 2021 TO 2030 IS THERE IN GOOGLE IMAGE..

  73. juicyNathan


    Day ago

    Спасибо за видео, коммент в поддержку канала

  74. jonathan creed-moyes

    jonathan creed-moyes

    Day ago

    Would love a hoody 😊👍

  75. Lobo Solitario

    Lobo Solitario

    Day ago

    Thats one helluva intro😂😂😂😂😂

  76. Sniping WolfiePlayz

    Sniping WolfiePlayz

    Day ago

    are you a veteran

  77. Cíu Tau

    Cíu Tau

    Day ago

    1:14 hmmmmm