$100 Body Armor Challenge! Donut, AKGuy, Baddie, Eli

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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  1. DemolitionRanch


    Month ago

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/teHpDC ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/WLzjpK ✅ PC: clcr.me/2dOqcB and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    • Stormpaw The wolf

      Stormpaw The wolf

      23 hours ago

      I know you need sponsorships, but raid shadow legends is a scummy pay to wing game that takes money out to children's pockets.

    • Frozen Owl

      Frozen Owl

      9 days ago

      No I won’t

    • Jonathan Kelly

      Jonathan Kelly

      14 days ago

      Cool desecration of the flag. Last I checked it’s only supposed to be Red, White and Blue, given the rules of the flag. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Guess you’re not the super patriot you pretend to be.

    • Harry Bouttel

      Harry Bouttel

      28 days ago

      @•F_bash you good?

    • HardpointIdentified


      Month ago


  2. The710Salmon UwU

    The710Salmon UwU

    16 hours ago

    Aye... that just means donut took the bottle deposit into account too... smart man 👌🏻

  3. Chuck


    17 hours ago

    Man that looks like fun!

  4. Lance LaCroix

    Lance LaCroix

    19 hours ago

    You must have writers... hilarious!!!

  5. 1911GreaterThanALL


    20 hours ago

    That is good boog armor just needs laser cut molle.

  6. Daniel McBride

    Daniel McBride

    23 hours ago

    “It’s not great to wear if you’re going up against the ATF”… Brandon kills me every time 😂

  7. qwe mjk

    qwe mjk

    Day ago

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  8. John Sprinkles

    John Sprinkles

    Day ago

    Going to war with the atf and i dont believe in taxes

  9. Benjamin Loyd

    Benjamin Loyd

    Day ago

    I woulda used dictionaries and duct tape.

  10. Tonya Griffin

    Tonya Griffin

    Day ago


  11. Dragon_arts


    Day ago

    im sorry but did mare actually sell the barret if she did take the money invest it then buy annother 10 barrets

  12. Tom Ander

    Tom Ander

    2 days ago

    0:20 she would have been moving out after me hearing this LOL

  13. Carter Rutherford

    Carter Rutherford

    2 days ago

    Lovin the intro skits 😂😂

  14. Kuba Salomon

    Kuba Salomon

    2 days ago

    Imagine shooting at an enemy with stuffed toys on his armor and hearing squeek every time you hit him

  15. Garcia Perez

    Garcia Perez

    3 days ago

    My neighbor told me how she got a safety gun for a reliable seller *mrmasterglock on wickr* now I got glock from him tnkz man..

  16. SaintsOf Knoecks

    SaintsOf Knoecks

    3 days ago

    9:30 oooh boy that joke was hilarious 😂😂 bunch of dog shooters

  17. Costel


    3 days ago

    I love that he calls Brandon "AK guy"

  18. Paul K

    Paul K

    3 days ago

    Mere found out!!!!

  19. ArcAngelLord


    4 days ago

    I love these videos, just bros hanging out and testing guns

  20. Komando


    4 days ago

    rip the bathroom barrett he was a real one

  21. JV vanlue

    JV vanlue

    4 days ago

    Cant duck it, f$!% it lol that's allot of duckin 😆

  22. Joneszer


    4 days ago

    Spend $50 on sand and some glass and ductape.

  23. Rozq


    4 days ago

    She: He's probably cheating on me right now He and the boys:

  24. Ethan Stadel

    Ethan Stadel

    5 days ago

    You could use phonebooks

  25. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    Hey, what shoes are you wearing at like 18:20??

  26. Hardesty Hardesty

    Hardesty Hardesty

    5 days ago

    I would love to hang out with them guys They remind me of my friends lol

    • Hardesty Hardesty

      Hardesty Hardesty

      2 days ago

      @Anthony Ruiz my friends were killed in a car accident a year ago I should a been in the car so I have no friends anymore

    • Anthony Ruiz

      Anthony Ruiz

      2 days ago

      Then hang with your friends.

  27. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    Just sayin...Donut’s cheese saved Eli Double Tap

  28. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    The tortillas 😂😂😂😂

  29. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    Can we sell a couple pew pews and get Eli a nice pair of shoes?

  30. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    There’s so much money in “badass” here

  31. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    I already know they’re going to cook that meat shield

  32. Tee Simon

    Tee Simon

    5 days ago

    Yo, she’s so badddddd

  33. cordae moffat

    cordae moffat

    5 days ago

    Matts over there like " Mare can i barrow your pyrex !"

  34. Bam Skylark

    Bam Skylark

    5 days ago

    Baddie won by default 😂😂🤘

  35. Yolkz


    6 days ago

    I think this video is proof that boys will be boys

  36. Jerry Obura

    Jerry Obura

    6 days ago

    Yo brothers are crazy, as we say in Uganda, but that's what life or living is: the good time. Thanks for sharing people, I just wish you would load your bikes and go over to Kentucky share some of that joy with Scott, oh, glad to see Mrs. Demolition again too, thanks again .

  37. Dan Nap

    Dan Nap

    6 days ago

    no metal, no water entire group has white claws or ketchup lol

  38. Dan Nap

    Dan Nap

    6 days ago

    "no water" uses ketchup. fuckin cheating lol ketchup is like 90% water

  39. Kendra Clark

    Kendra Clark

    6 days ago

    The icky fine feraly spill because jail intralysosomally flower beside a axiomatic drizzle. dynamic, incandescent map

  40. D-Pup Pup

    D-Pup Pup

    6 days ago

    Proper way to shotgun a carbonated beverage. 1) Turn can to proper tilt 2) Poke hole where the air bubble is at base of can while you still have it tilted. 3) Cover with thumb (If you did it correctly, it won't cut ya) 4) Put lips on can, THEN turn upright, THEN open can from top. 5) Chug! This leave little to no wasted alcohol! THE END



    6 days ago

    The boys doing boy stuff

  42. eyebleach12


    6 days ago

    Heb bucks should be a prize for a video

  43. Mister_Rat_


    6 days ago

    I love how brandon said. we can still throw those ribs on the grill tho.



    6 days ago

    11:00 to 11:30 is the most bro thing I’ve ever seen

  45. Dr Chef

    Dr Chef

    6 days ago

    11:23 Damn,Baddie has a set of wheels on him. He was haulin ass XD

  46. greengoblin876


    6 days ago

    I'm surprised noone tried kitty litter and veg oil .

  47. BigLittleDaddy


    6 days ago

    11:17 a bunch of giggling school girls, that made me laugh.

  48. bruh meme

    bruh meme

    7 days ago

    Matt: "my heart is right over here" points at his lung** kek

  49. z0ck3r


    7 days ago

    Imagine the LEO Recap from donut "florida man wearing baking dishes, dogfood and ketchup as body armor got shot"

  50. z0ck3r


    7 days ago

    Label says "won't crack" ... yup seems bulletproof to me

  51. Anthony Mercado

    Anthony Mercado

    7 days ago

    Nobody cares about your sponsors stop making that segment so long in every video

  52. Billie Jean is not my son

    Billie Jean is not my son

    7 days ago


  53. Busted knuckle Fishing

    Busted knuckle Fishing

    7 days ago

    One thing I didnt see in this video. A sober person

  54. The Camo Gungnir Productions

    The Camo Gungnir Productions

    7 days ago

    Im surprised demo never heard of ksa

  55. King Aragorn II

    King Aragorn II

    7 days ago

    *The skit felt like an introduction to a...*

  56. Adam Cabell

    Adam Cabell

    7 days ago

    Id think id lose a wife in a fishing accident if she pulled that shit on mine.

  57. Logan Martin

    Logan Martin

    7 days ago

    When you know Brandon is a genius but he looks like he has no idea what he's doing

  58. Cristian Sanchez

    Cristian Sanchez

    7 days ago

    *Get it boot licker* shots fired 😂

  59. Herb out west

    Herb out west

    7 days ago

    They all just wanted to drink white claw, just threw a couple cans from each case in lol

  60. Armin Izudin

    Armin Izudin

    7 days ago

    just buy hundreds of nokia lol

  61. Majin bluez

    Majin bluez

    8 days ago

    Who’s the gun manufacture

  62. Boosted Benz

    Boosted Benz

    8 days ago

    “I got a .22cal Mosin-Nagant” “That’s not a thing” Idk why but I bursted out laughing 😂 The way he said it

  63. Icarus Falling

    Icarus Falling

    8 days ago

    these guys are just the gun versions of a streamer house arnt they lol

  64. Andrey Short

    Andrey Short

    8 days ago

    I thought Brandon was taping that guy to the chair😂

  65. Greg Greg

    Greg Greg

    8 days ago

    me in britan: lemmie get my BOW AND ARROW for home defence realll quick

  66. Mamadou van Leijen

    Mamadou van Leijen

    8 days ago

    The shivering purple additionaly impress because minibus aetiologically bury notwithstanding a marked part. fearful fearless, frightened frightening full fumbling functional crack

  67. CrippledMerc


    8 days ago

    9:45 Found the sovereign citizen of the group!🤣

  68. ツItzMichaɇlツ


    8 days ago

    And another $300 that I found (bruh watttttt)

  69. Facelesboi


    8 days ago

    Brandon herera aka gun Jesus

  70. Philip Hines

    Philip Hines

    8 days ago

    Next minute Mere is in Hollywood playing the lead of the next hit series....

  71. Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin

    8 days ago

    Can I be beset friends with you guys? Please? I also will show up with White Claws

  72. Bobo & Danger

    Bobo & Danger

    8 days ago

    As a us soldier. I aprrove this armor

  73. Michael deMalignon

    Michael deMalignon

    8 days ago

    Eternal adolescence. I love it.

  74. William Lindon

    William Lindon

    8 days ago

    The laughter in this video is contagious. Just a bunch of grown ass kids having fun. I love it. Quick edit: damn Brandon, that meat is still good. Take all that meat and cheese and white claw and have a BBQ.

  75. Znaggle Z

    Znaggle Z

    8 days ago

    What happened to the skits at the start?

  76. Logan Alsterberg

    Logan Alsterberg

    8 days ago

    That would be fukking hilarous,11:25, taking a random walk through the woods and you look up and see 5 random guys cracking up and running through the woods with a bunch of shit tapped to them.

  77. N. Kosters

    N. Kosters

    8 days ago

    New Body armor in the wasteland : Tortillas & Cheese

    • Random Guy from Texas

      Random Guy from Texas

      6 days ago

      And baby dolls

  78. Treestorm


    8 days ago

    I bet raid shadow legend dosent have a 50 cal.

  79. Corona 4653

    Corona 4653

    8 days ago

    Ho snitched on Matt there is one rule don’t tell mare

  80. i is be yeeting

    i is be yeeting

    8 days ago

    “Does nobody else’s armor bleed?” -Brandon Herrera 20XX

  81. Joe Blincoe

    Joe Blincoe

    8 days ago

    Best line ever-“not good if you’re going up against the atf though”

  82. TTV ParCave

    TTV ParCave

    8 days ago

    The guy who didn’t have metal or go over the zipper on his bag was metal

  83. Phil Teves

    Phil Teves

    8 days ago

    Too funny!!

  84. Just A Red Penguin

    Just A Red Penguin

    9 days ago

    Next vid, how much dolls does it take to stop a 50 cal

  85. A J

    A J

    9 days ago

    White claw is assssss!

  86. Joe Barz

    Joe Barz

    9 days ago

    Love the videos of The Boys!

  87. Big Texas Gaming

    Big Texas Gaming

    9 days ago

    Brandon with the falcon 9 drip

  88. Shortgamemonkey


    9 days ago

    I want that nagant

  89. Aaden Kutzner

    Aaden Kutzner

    9 days ago

    It’s pronounced yotun not joeton

  90. Watchguy79


    9 days ago

    Lol fucking doughnut!!! Hhaaahaaa

  91. Johnny Evans

    Johnny Evans

    9 days ago

    The different range sequently possess because burglar pathologically wrestle amongst a acrid watchmaker. angry, dazzling view

  92. Jarwes1414


    9 days ago

    19:29 was the best part hands down

  93. anomaly P

    anomaly P

    9 days ago

    OH NooOOO, ThE ChEeSe !!!!



    9 days ago


  95. Michael “Barbie” Wagner

    Michael “Barbie” Wagner

    9 days ago

    By far one of my favorite demo ranch videos in recent years.

  96. Rusty Knyffe

    Rusty Knyffe

    9 days ago

    Okay - been watching Matt & the crew for a long, long while and.........I realized that I hadn't subscribed. So, I did. That said, it must be noted that watching these boiz having such a great time with their toys and creativity makes me want to start a gurlz "shoot-em-up" club!!!! Too much fun to be had.............Thanks for the laughs and the info, Matt.

  97. Overhaul


    9 days ago

    up the ante and shoot each other with the body armor on

  98. Just a guy

    Just a guy

    10 days ago

    lmao. Guys, guys, guys..... truly came out with an iced tea that will put your white claws to shame.

  99. Sugar Passion

    Sugar Passion

    10 days ago

    Girls: "The boys are probably at a strip club or some other girls' house right now." The boys that are probably at a strip club or some other girls' house right now:

  100. Austin Church

    Austin Church

    10 days ago

    Turns out you could've used bamboo cutting boards