BIG Man Shoots Weird Guns at GALLONS of Pudding...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,


  1. DemolitionRanch


    2 months ago

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    • Sparky the Pyro

      Sparky the Pyro

      23 days ago

      A question we probably all have at this point.... How bad does the range smell at this point?

    • Shibari Kitsune

      Shibari Kitsune

      26 days ago

      Mat. This is not an SVD. This is the Romanian PSL rifle. They are similar, but the stores and the way they work are different

    • Винни Пух

      Винни Пух

      26 days ago

      No SVD you PSL

    • Руслан Сафин

      Руслан Сафин

      26 days ago

      Where is BMG? It's not Dragunov sniper rifle

    • Roman Kozloff

      Roman Kozloff

      27 days ago

      It is not a Dragunov, are you trollin' us?))

  2. Vergil Valerian

    Vergil Valerian

    2 hours ago

    And here I was thinking it wasn't possible to eat pudding out of a gallon can while still being manly. It's all in how you open the can...

  3. Edding R19

    Edding R19

    Day ago

    “Looks like the faster we get the less we penetrate” 😂😂

  4. ariel erazo

    ariel erazo

    Day ago

    Wait what happened to the 50. Cal? 😭

  5. Moose Poop

    Moose Poop

    Day ago

    New Subscriber here, I ❤️ Choc pudding, 😜...😂...great shootin' to watch!! 😋

  6. Andrew Nicholas

    Andrew Nicholas

    Day ago

    Welcome to Demolition Ranch! Today I'm going to show you how to make a pudding dispenser

  7. Georg Berndt

    Georg Berndt

    Day ago

    Weeeeeell Matt, some of Your Videos are slightly childish, and by the way: ,stop destroying food ! Got that?



    2 days ago

    @demolitionranch I've always wanted one of those mini motorcycles since I was a kid so how about u send me one please and thank you

  9. Олег О

    Олег О

    2 days ago

    10.00 Dragunov. Really?

  10. Cody Grabowski

    Cody Grabowski

    2 days ago

    The spoon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Because It makes no SΞΝSΞ

    Because It makes no SΞΝSΞ

    3 days ago

    Opens simplisafe, sees big man with large puddin box and lots of guns

  12. Allah Moe

    Allah Moe

    4 days ago

    11:38 I want this to become a part of like those 21st century humor memes at 2x speed

  13. Vekta


    4 days ago

    You ever get tired of taking those down and putting them back up? lmao

  14. Alex -

    Alex -

    4 days ago

    I’ve got diabetes just from watching this 😅

  15. Nobita Nobi

    Nobita Nobi

    5 days ago

    this is the problem with mewicans they waste money on stupidity and then they say govt. increase taxes on everything and asians are stealing our jobs. who told mewican girls to get their belly swollen before high skul diploma

  16. vorgon8tor //

    vorgon8tor //

    5 days ago

    Man you drink slow

  17. RYAN56721


    5 days ago

    im guessing the pudding is acting like a non Newtonian fluid and the bigger or faster the bullet is the less it can penetrate. Im also guessing the amount of gym time needed after this video was alot

  18. Hardesty Hardesty

    Hardesty Hardesty

    5 days ago

    You got to wonder if every varmint within a 2-mile radius waits for you to get done filming and comes to have a pudding Buffet lol

  19. NW4T5


    5 days ago

    Fat person is awesome

  20. Ezredes Máté

    Ezredes Máté

    5 days ago

    I'm now hungry for that tasty pudding



    5 days ago

    The most unhealthy video on this channel I swear

  22. dale brown

    dale brown

    5 days ago

    Dam boy he thick

  23. Cheesecake BMX

    Cheesecake BMX

    6 days ago

    I thought of walking dead when I saw the thumbnail 😂



    6 days ago

    He was really equipped with a 2 liter and a spoon☠️😭

  25. water foker

    water foker

    6 days ago

    mythbusters 2.0

  26. water foker

    water foker

    6 days ago

    better be expired food

  27. Dan Watkins

    Dan Watkins

    6 days ago

    You should freeze a pistol in liquid nitrogen and try to fire it and see if it doesn't explode

  28. Mister_Rat_


    6 days ago

    Wait no 50 BLG

  29. Joe Barz

    Joe Barz

    6 days ago

    You have hogs there? Bet they would love your range after a day like that lol

  30. Daniel Alexander

    Daniel Alexander

    7 days ago

    Never got to see 50 BMG

  31. Joey Redmon

    Joey Redmon

    7 days ago

    If you wanted a fat guy to play the intro all you had to do was ask

  32. Sponge RS

    Sponge RS

    7 days ago

    5:21 that's what she said

  33. Scott Cocker

    Scott Cocker

    7 days ago

    Not the chocolate pudding!! Matt probably went through more calories in this shoot than he normally eats and drinks in a week🤣

  34. Void Byte

    Void Byte

    7 days ago

    Ah... Americans!

  35. Kristian Williams (VoidGazerXIII)

    Kristian Williams (VoidGazerXIII)

    7 days ago

    that pudding looks kinda good....

  36. Yukiko Asakura

    Yukiko Asakura

    7 days ago

    "Beefcake, beefcake!" (Southpark ref.)

  37. darkzada92


    8 days ago

    Ok, im a Diabetic and *That* intro was *Terrifying* to watch....

  38. Paul Hayes

    Paul Hayes

    8 days ago

    Carl would be proud....

  39. Bropil


    8 days ago

    a hungry african kid could have eaten those bullets

  40. james chenard

    james chenard

    8 days ago

    So Matt, any idea how you got lead poisoning? No! (spits out pudding covered bullet fragment)

  41. Jason


    8 days ago

    Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants.

  42. Martin Miller

    Martin Miller

    8 days ago

    I don't like pudding now...

  43. Kyle eldred

    Kyle eldred

    8 days ago

    Excuse me waiter there seems to be bullet fragments in my pudding

  44. the blue knight

    the blue knight

    8 days ago

    Question what's a black our round

  45. Ryan Vanneste

    Ryan Vanneste

    8 days ago

    This just has America written all over it

  46. leroy smith

    leroy smith

    9 days ago

    I know he knows thts not a dragunov

  47. frost louw

    frost louw

    9 days ago

    Is simplisafe available for Namibian use aswel or just for America?

  48. Robert


    9 days ago

    4:48 Curt Cobain, circa April 5th, 1994

  49. Julien L

    Julien L

    9 days ago

    No .50bmg on pudding? :(

  50. Jared Nagreen

    Jared Nagreen

    9 days ago

    Somehow, this is the first demolition ranch video I’ve seen. Somehow, I’m hooked.

  51. flankerboy 37

    flankerboy 37

    9 days ago

    Question here P+ 9mm is a 9mm with some extra power if I'm remembering this right wouldn't that damage the suppressor?

  52. huverdoose


    9 days ago


  53. Jerry Obura

    Jerry Obura

    9 days ago

    Now here is one video that am sure you got a running stomach from.

  54. Frank Murphy

    Frank Murphy

    10 days ago

    He hates these cans!

  55. Frank Murphy

    Frank Murphy

    10 days ago

    No one look at Lock Picking Lawyer's Simplisafe video 🤫

  56. Cheeki Breeki

    Cheeki Breeki

    10 days ago

    god i wish i could live like that

  57. Nick Jean

    Nick Jean

    11 days ago

    Im offended that you didn't shoot it with a .50 BMG

  58. CHARLES.徐莛寓.


    11 days ago

    your stomach is real?

  59. fpvhead 43

    fpvhead 43

    11 days ago

    I will never eat pudding again .

  60. VZ1NK 0AK

    VZ1NK 0AK

    11 days ago

    Poor camera man can’t hold in his laugh

  61. Wurmloch1 Morgan

    Wurmloch1 Morgan

    11 days ago

    It feels as hes gettin bigger every new gun

  62. Cameron Wiseman

    Cameron Wiseman

    12 days ago

    What a waste of delicious pudding

  63. Junior Martinez

    Junior Martinez

    12 days ago

    Just watching this episode gave me diabetes lmao

  64. Юрий Клинских. ХОЙ.

    Юрий Клинских. ХОЙ.

    12 days ago

    😂мэтт ты супер 😃👍

  65. Miguel Soto

    Miguel Soto

    12 days ago




    13 days ago

    do you know that cola hurts your bouns

  67. pie man pie

    pie man pie

    13 days ago

    joke: a kid in *insert country that is considered poor” could have eaten those bullets

  68. Kronos


    13 days ago

    dude the amount of sugar ur consuming lol

  69. in the abyss

    in the abyss

    13 days ago


  70. Wagall Lynkx

    Wagall Lynkx

    13 days ago

    Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek !

  71. bwc1976


    14 days ago

    Pudding mixed with lead, yum!

  72. malik jordan

    malik jordan

    14 days ago

    I would laugh if it’s somebody’s first time watching Your channel and they think this is just how you are LOL

  73. Dark Blade

    Dark Blade

    14 days ago

    Now we know why there’s a pudding shortage in Texas

  74. Dailyon Pontious

    Dailyon Pontious

    14 days ago

    Ha ha 😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  75. Brandon Lindblom

    Brandon Lindblom

    14 days ago

    No 50?

  76. Cro Van

    Cro Van

    15 days ago

    Intro, he knows me so well somehow

  77. Zaixeni


    15 days ago

    Some guy 657 years ago invented guns to win wars and battles. Now they’re being used to shoot tins of chocolate pudding. In my opinion, that’s very pog

  78. Gavin Thomas

    Gavin Thomas

    15 days ago

    I got diabetes from just watching it 🤣🤣🤣

  79. Rainアドルフ


    15 days ago

    Seeing all this pudding being wasted makes me sad

  80. MB Leo

    MB Leo

    15 days ago

    WHERE IS THE 50 BMG!!!

  81. Artizzy 2k2k

    Artizzy 2k2k

    16 days ago

    Can't believe he got so fat just for the joke

  82. PaulWerSonst


    16 days ago

    I was never more offended before, with what I'm 100% agreeing with.

  83. RJX (Vlogs)

    RJX (Vlogs)

    17 days ago

    Where can I buy this much pudding please?

  84. Zakkary Koontz

    Zakkary Koontz

    17 days ago

    “All for the gains”hehe

  85. P Williams

    P Williams

    17 days ago

    Parched ? Hate to see when your really thirsty Husky Boy :)))

  86. Scott Winfrey

    Scott Winfrey

    17 days ago

    11:54 fat man does a pudding burnout

  87. Carl Herrera

    Carl Herrera

    17 days ago

    The faster we get ... the less penetration. That’s what she said...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. Carl Herrera

    Carl Herrera

    17 days ago

    LoL 😂 😂😂😂 stop eating the pudding Carl!!!!! The coke in the pants..??? Really??!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Kieran McNamee

    Kieran McNamee

    17 days ago

    Only in America can you buy pudding by the paint bucket

  90. Martin Madsen

    Martin Madsen

    18 days ago

    No BMG? I feel cheated!

  91. Michael Lorenzo

    Michael Lorenzo

    18 days ago

    The camera man: “have fun cleaning that I’m outa here” Matt: 😦

  92. OutTheMudMedia


    18 days ago

    he puts the spoon in his pocket and then stuffs a 2liter in his pants lmfao

  93. JJ Mcnab (Mcnab)

    JJ Mcnab (Mcnab)

    18 days ago

    Reminds me of the next morning after Taco night.

  94. JJ Mcnab (Mcnab)

    JJ Mcnab (Mcnab)

    18 days ago

    Love it.



    19 days ago

    That is a dad waste of food,when some people,do not have anything to eat.

  96. Oli Taggu

    Oli Taggu

    19 days ago

    cola instead of BigRed ? i almost left the channel thinking i was in some other channel

  97. Harrison R

    Harrison R

    19 days ago

    Did he ever put simply safe in bunker branding after the break in

  98. Albin sköld

    Albin sköld

    19 days ago

    love your new style

  99. Simon Says

    Simon Says

    19 days ago

    Not the puddin. Cranberry sauce maybe. But not the puddin. 😩

  100. ;0;


    19 days ago

    4:48 the camara man laughed 😂