Can Velveeta Cheese Stop a Bullet?

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  1. Tim Mahler

    Tim Mahler

    7 hours ago

    You like queso? K so… who cares 😂

  2. xxxmx 45

    xxxmx 45

    21 hour ago

    Velvetaaaaa best cheese ever made

  3. IHateMyselfGaming


    Day ago


  4. Max Mueller

    Max Mueller

    Day ago

    Well it can definitely stop my bowels!!!

  5. Max Wayne

    Max Wayne

    2 days ago

    at 4:52 you can actually see the bullet flying out around the 12th block of cheese that's pretty cool

  6. Dustin Tran

    Dustin Tran

    2 days ago

    think you shouldve melted it. mightve caught the bullets better

  7. Shock PC

    Shock PC

    2 days ago

    He thinks he's doing this to prove how much of this there is to go around, but the truth is, it's one of the biggest wastes he's ever done. Cows can only produce milk for 3 years, then they're sent to slaughter when they could live for 17 more years. Eat less meat, cheese, and drink less milk. eat more fish, chicken or pork if you can't help not eating meat. It's not hard, anyone who can't do that bare minimum doesn't deserve to live on earth.

  8. IcY


    2 days ago

    All cheese lovers disliked the video.

  9. Reese Rowe

    Reese Rowe

    2 days ago

    One hour later: welcome to ratranch!

  10. Jake


    2 days ago

    Why no .50 BMG AP Incendiary round?!

  11. TheCreaturezoid


    3 days ago

    You could make a fortune selling folding tables to this man.

  12. Hardesty Hardesty

    Hardesty Hardesty

    3 days ago

    Matt What are you talkin about Velveeta makes the best grilled cheese on the planet!! I could eat a block of it plain to!

  13. Hardesty Hardesty

    Hardesty Hardesty

    3 days ago

    I couldn't do this video I would be taking monster bites out of that Velveeta cheese I can eat that stuff plain it's so good!!

  14. Smokey


    3 days ago

    what happen to all the cheese did you guys make a huge batch of macaroni and cheese i hopes

  15. Kirill Prazdnikov

    Kirill Prazdnikov

    3 days ago

    I like how he ride and stunt bike

  16. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus

    4 days ago

    We're the type of people that like to watch cheese being shot lmao...

  17. Anthony Giuffre

    Anthony Giuffre

    4 days ago

    The rpk really saved the video lol

  18. Gs_ Thewhpmkr

    Gs_ Thewhpmkr

    4 days ago

    Genuinely one of his best openings to a video

  19. Catalyst


    4 days ago

    Yo if youtube doesnt work for him, matt can be a stuntman

  20. D Smith

    D Smith

    4 days ago

    Dude! You could have made some killer cheese dip for a small community or neighborhood! 😆

  21. Eddie Baez

    Eddie Baez

    5 days ago

    You should have done 50 bmg, with the cheese long ways. I dont have a 50 bmg addiction

  22. Billie Jean is not my son

    Billie Jean is not my son

    5 days ago

    Don't for get matt the cheese like to do sneak attack

  23. Everything EDC

    Everything EDC

    5 days ago

    You did a good job cutting the cheese!

  24. Justin Hughes

    Justin Hughes

    5 days ago

    I love Straight Velveeta

  25. Jay Cruse

    Jay Cruse

    6 days ago

    This is the most American video on USgone

  26. Toustad X

    Toustad X

    6 days ago

    Lead poisoned is worht it

  27. Toby Ryan

    Toby Ryan

    6 days ago

    There some real hunger black folk in Africa

  28. ArmedAngryAtheist


    6 days ago


  29. Jonathon Russell

    Jonathon Russell

    6 days ago

    That is not cheese, but def a modern marvel pretty sure it doesn’t go bad

  30. trip


    7 days ago

    We should make cheese bodyarmor

  31. Kameron Monson

    Kameron Monson

    7 days ago

    The silly putty is gone! Nooooo

  32. Dfmce


    7 days ago


  33. BackWood BiLLY

    BackWood BiLLY

    7 days ago

    Why do i want to watch this 🤣

  34. James Land

    James Land

    7 days ago

    the silly putty isnt on the safe anymore :(

  35. Cool videos and crap

    Cool videos and crap

    8 days ago

    Velveeta seems like the cheese in a burger at McDonald’s or somewhere like that

  36. A T

    A T

    8 days ago

    No do it with real cheese



    8 days ago

    ignorant waste of food.

  38. The Oculist

    The Oculist

    8 days ago

    Hahahaha a block of cheese hits him from behind while he shoots.. classic

  39. Doug Elick

    Doug Elick

    8 days ago

    Velveeta isn't cheese. It's what Terminator 1000 is made from.

  40. Matt Higby

    Matt Higby

    9 days ago

    I got a craft cheese commercial during this video

  41. Washington Guns

    Washington Guns

    9 days ago

    government cheese.

  42. Mostdope


    9 days ago

    Why is this legal dude just waste food others would kill for ☹️🚮

  43. Rodney Pilgrim

    Rodney Pilgrim

    9 days ago

    Camera man threw a block of cheese at him while he was shooting the rpk 😂 around 6:50

  44. Daniel Valdez

    Daniel Valdez

    9 days ago

    The random block of cheese thrown at home haha

  45. Child of Shrek

    Child of Shrek

    10 days ago

    what a waste

  46. Rodney Walchly

    Rodney Walchly

    10 days ago

    Enough of anything will stop a bullet

  47. It’s yo boy NB

    It’s yo boy NB

    10 days ago

    I’m watching this video while eating velveeta cheese macaroni and cheese. Lol

  48. Z King

    Z King

    10 days ago

    0:48 as a cheese head, we would say WE STRUCK DIAMOND!!!1!!!11!!!

  49. Thallan


    10 days ago


  50. Brent Haymon

    Brent Haymon

    10 days ago

    This is how they put the holes in Swiss cheese. 🧀🧀

  51. C H

    C H

    10 days ago

    No food was harmed in the making of this video.

  52. XProphetX


    10 days ago

    Matt you should really get that rpk full auto 🤣

  53. deltaleader38


    11 days ago

    the fact that yall call that cheese is disgusting

  54. Cal Bowman

    Cal Bowman

    11 days ago

    Are you running out of thing’s to shoot at Matt? Velveeta cheese? Really? Lol. The Wuflu lockdown made you a little stir crazy Ha! 😎

  55. MrPUP


    11 days ago

    Warning: Cheese was harmed in the making of this video.

  56. someone is sus

    someone is sus

    11 days ago

    Pov:glove video

  57. TheFormer1337Agent


    11 days ago

    in the slo mo of the lined up pistol shot, i can see the bullet fly out of the cheese

  58. Phantom 10K

    Phantom 10K

    11 days ago

    When there's 2 spaces between "a" and "bullet"

  59. May's diesels

    May's diesels

    11 days ago

    "Americans all know for sure" what are you trying to say Matt

  60. NoLoveLMO


    12 days ago

    It made me sick just watching lol

  61. SFG Videos

    SFG Videos

    12 days ago

    Around 8 to 10 years ago my dad was in a band called Velveeta Revolver

  62. Jelly Kelly

    Jelly Kelly

    12 days ago

    Dang I did not know guns cut the cheese so well

  63. Sawatis


    12 days ago


  64. brookie


    12 days ago


  65. akhladi2


    13 days ago know how many people are suffering of hunger????what is the point to shoot at the food stuff?????

  66. Burak İnalcı

    Burak İnalcı

    13 days ago

    No 50 BMG today. Just pain

  67. BCT_Planespotter


    13 days ago

    Next: How many ribeye steaks can stop a bullet?

  68. The_shadow Reaper

    The_shadow Reaper

    13 days ago

    New way to make shredded cheese

  69. Your wifes boyfriend

    Your wifes boyfriend

    13 days ago

    No but if you eat too much it can stop you from shitting for a week

  70. Northern U.S.A

    Northern U.S.A

    13 days ago

    Velveeta I so gross!🤣🤮

  71. bastian steffens

    bastian steffens

    13 days ago

    He will eat the next year everyday cheese.

  72. Wagall Lynkx

    Wagall Lynkx

    13 days ago

    Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek !

  73. Sweet .Ninja

    Sweet .Ninja

    14 days ago

    Ha yes, the famous American plastic "cheese"

  74. Mikebtheawsome


    14 days ago

    oh god I regret eating while watching this see I'm one of those mythical people who hates cheese and seeing that much cheese makes me wanna vomit

    • NITRO


      11 days ago

      Sorry for your loss

  75. CuddlyBear


    14 days ago

    Velveeta can't stop bullets, only hearts.

  76. Nocturnal RS

    Nocturnal RS

    14 days ago

    Why u cheesin?

  77. G Karninja

    G Karninja

    14 days ago

    Lol man who hasnt always wanted to jump on to a moving truck like the movies. That was awesome. Great vid Matt. Love

  78. Cj Brown

    Cj Brown

    15 days ago

    Best velveeta commercial ever, the first like 30 sec

  79. Rhett Buttler

    Rhett Buttler

    15 days ago

    Arbys:we have the meats! Demo ranch :WE HAVE THE CHEESE!!!!!

  80. Verdigo


    15 days ago

    I was waiting for the AP incendiary BMG

  81. Dan


    15 days ago

    Back in the 50's people ate this stuff all the time. It was actually considered real cheese in those days. Put it between slices on Wonder bread.

  82. Sandwick420


    15 days ago

    Man he ate a piece of that cheese and he turned so Southern

  83. ML Alloway

    ML Alloway

    15 days ago

    Waste of food

  84. Andrew Olivas

    Andrew Olivas

    16 days ago

    I’m surprised how much that white table is able to last so long and take so much damage in all of his videos

  85. Syruss Tha Great

    Syruss Tha Great

    16 days ago

    I wonder if he keeps all his bullets that he finds

  86. Henry Kling

    Henry Kling

    16 days ago

    Considering this vid is only 8 minutes I’m assuming it doesn’t

  87. Wyatt Elrod

    Wyatt Elrod

    16 days ago

    You should do this to cake

  88. Гцѵчᴢѵдт


    16 days ago

    This is the most American video on the internet.

  89. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    16 days ago

    Dude that was a cool intro

  90. Jaron hobbs

    Jaron hobbs

    16 days ago

    The most American thing I have seen all day.

  91. warrion02


    16 days ago

    Demolishing the cheesebased personal protection industry

  92. minecavar


    16 days ago

    This video is so America I think I gained 5lb from watching it

  93. Yama Hamidi

    Yama Hamidi

    17 days ago

    Wtf so stupid why cheese instead give away to people who need. In future videos like this will be ban

  94. Jacob Faul

    Jacob Faul

    17 days ago

    Dragster can now Rest In Peace

  95. Jayden Rider

    Jayden Rider

    17 days ago

    Retitle this to "Matt shooting at cheese for 6 minutes straight"

  96. Addmend Inc

    Addmend Inc

    17 days ago

    Say Cheese!!!!:))

  97. ass fucker 69

    ass fucker 69

    17 days ago

    How much has he spent on thes3 type of videos

  98. Another plague Doctor

    Another plague Doctor

    17 days ago

    Is this how they make cheese spread?

  99. amber jones

    amber jones

    17 days ago

    Never stop doing these intros

  100. Juan Saavedra

    Juan Saavedra

    17 days ago

    Watching gun videos makes me want to start a gun channel just to get free guns