Demo Ranch's Whole Arsenal in One Epic Video... 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!

Thanks to these awesome dudes for coming out to celebrate with me!!!
Mat Best
Crispy crispy11b
AK Guy
Eli eli_doubletap
Baddie baddiestreams
Klean kleanisklean

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  1. Ryan Kaoz

    Ryan Kaoz

    38 minutes ago

    That was karma for everyone for ripping on Eli's shortness.

  2. Bushmaster


    43 minutes ago

    I accidentally change my account, and today i ask myself why i didn had any update about demoranch.😌.

  3. Bryce Penrod

    Bryce Penrod

    52 minutes ago

    That was epic

  4. LLJW 999

    LLJW 999

    Hour ago

    So much school supplies

  5. Nite HaWk

    Nite HaWk

    Hour ago

    Dounts face when he hit that steel target😂😂

  6. II Parachute Regiment

    II Parachute Regiment

    Hour ago

    Demo, if I get my green card, get my American firearms certificate or license I should able to pick up a free gun from you? .... Demolition Ranch with 10m sub has left the building 😆🤣

  7. daniel obrien

    daniel obrien

    2 hours ago

    This is amazing! If we have any more that 5 firearms in New Zealand (which is legal) we have literally been branded gun nuts by our members of parliament. I would hate to think what would happen if i had this many lol. And it is just getting worse! Keep up the good work!

  8. Merica


    2 hours ago

    You better not comply matt.

  9. Fox White

    Fox White

    2 hours ago


  10. Killergrip Offgrip

    Killergrip Offgrip

    2 hours ago

    I love this video and congratulations again and I love guns too but a good reason and for a technology

  11. General Junkie

    General Junkie

    3 hours ago

    Congrats, you've officially done the dumbest thing you can do by showing the government all your firepower!!! Epic fail!!

  12. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    3 hours ago

    Everyone: somewhat natural guns Matt: BiG iRoN

  13. KableFI


    4 hours ago

    Brandon: So many AR's **heavy wheeze**

  14. Tamara Apodaca

    Tamara Apodaca

    4 hours ago

    You made an actual summary of all of you guys I'm proud

  15. Tamara Apodaca

    Tamara Apodaca

    4 hours ago

    Matt you finally did it

  16. Marc G

    Marc G

    4 hours ago

    10 million is impressive. Still think this channel should have another 0 behind that 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • kolim jone

      kolim jone

      3 hours ago

      The face donut made😂😂😂

  17. Cybertronian Savant

    Cybertronian Savant

    4 hours ago

    Dang it that looks good, I’ll tell you what *sips beer

  18. lIlIlIlIlIlIlI


    5 hours ago

    *"RN50 Gold skin unlocked"*

  19. Dan Goode

    Dan Goode

    5 hours ago

    More than disappointed they didn’t shoot everything. I MISS THE FREAKING SAW

  20. tom Grüne

    tom Grüne

    5 hours ago


  21. Petro


    6 hours ago

    they were missing 3 misses total and you could see that

  22. juicebox_xD


    6 hours ago

    the ATF right now🏃🏻‍♂️

  23. Jack Clark

    Jack Clark

    6 hours ago

    holy crap thats a lot of pew pew.

  24. Justin Manning

    Justin Manning

    6 hours ago

    You can’t be serious that you lost all those guns 😂



    6 hours ago

    Good choice krispy

  26. A Dog

    A Dog

    6 hours ago

    A Dog approves of this Arsenal.

  27. Wesley Demsky

    Wesley Demsky

    6 hours ago

    You had one job, and Mere found out.... 😅

  28. Ric “Truthhurtz”

    Ric “Truthhurtz”

    7 hours ago

    Look at all those deadly guns. Wait guns can do anything on their own.

  29. Ted Pl

    Ted Pl

    7 hours ago

    That gold gun looks like it’s made out of gold

  30. Deacon Stewart

    Deacon Stewart

    7 hours ago

    The face donut made😂😂😂

  31. Aron Lane

    Aron Lane

    7 hours ago

    10 million mostly armed and many armed to the teeth subscribers, that's more people than the biggest army in the world , let me be the first to pledge allegiance. Commander in chief we await your orders. Oh someone has to lend me a gun I'm in Australia

  32. Greg Nixon

    Greg Nixon

    7 hours ago

    Is this a good idea to put your armory in a video?

  33. Rhabdo B

    Rhabdo B

    7 hours ago

    I watch this guy all the time, but Jesus...that’s too many fucking guns, bro. Buy a boat. Go on a kickass vacation. I mean come on. Your .338 budget is probably more than my mortgage.

  34. Beau Remington

    Beau Remington

    8 hours ago

    All dudes, every firearm pointed at their pricks. This is going to go wrong at some point.

  35. William Hatter

    William Hatter

    8 hours ago

    Woooh great job

  36. Broncos4life721


    8 hours ago

    You should do more shooting competitions, that was pretty cool

  37. Cody Vongnaphone

    Cody Vongnaphone

    8 hours ago

    I love guns and tables. I love them all!

  38. Roo Hamm

    Roo Hamm

    8 hours ago

    How did this end up in my feed?

  39. Logan Forte

    Logan Forte

    8 hours ago

    I love guns

  40. Martin St-Laurent

    Martin St-Laurent

    9 hours ago

    Great Job Matt and long live the demolitia

  41. Holy Stepper

    Holy Stepper

    9 hours ago

    You did not lose all your guns!!

  42. Zachary Wanders

    Zachary Wanders

    9 hours ago

    We’re the reaper

  43. stewie84


    9 hours ago

    Don't tell Mer!

  44. Krazy Stories

    Krazy Stories

    9 hours ago

    I wonder what victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting think about this guy show? 😂

  45. Destyn Arrowood

    Destyn Arrowood

    10 hours ago

    Can I come to your house during a apocalypse

  46. Rusty's Idaho Outdoor Adventure's

    Rusty's Idaho Outdoor Adventure's

    10 hours ago

    Congrats on reaching 10 million man! You deserve it!

  47. William Afton

    William Afton

    10 hours ago

    Im counting about 2.5 million usd of guns

  48. David Gregory

    David Gregory

    10 hours ago

    and now you see the reason for gun control abuse of rights we should have guns but not for this blatent extreme abuse of rights for fun, gun control i vote no but gun abuse i say thwt

  49. Leroy B

    Leroy B

    11 hours ago

    If we ever get invaded by another country everybody is going to Matt’s house

  50. Leroy B

    Leroy B

    11 hours ago

    Where’s the Reaper you have to do anther video I know what it is nick no one would have a chance against him 👍

  51. Eyes Wide Open

    Eyes Wide Open

    11 hours ago

    John Wick more Like John Thick

  52. Deadtown Rejects Civilization

    Deadtown Rejects Civilization

    11 hours ago

    Come to Texas!

  53. Prep Lahiem

    Prep Lahiem

    11 hours ago

    Sorry tried unsubscribing

  54. Jennifer Jennings

    Jennifer Jennings

    11 hours ago

    FBI wants to know your location

  55. Aaron Rou

    Aaron Rou

    11 hours ago

    Weird thing to admit to but I’m more surprised they just had all these tables just ready for this

  56. Chris Stavrojohn

    Chris Stavrojohn

    11 hours ago

    The way he shot his first shot with the lever action on the hardest target, and turned around with smug confidence was hilarious 😂

  57. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    11 hours ago

    Officer: Sir do you have any guns or weapons in the car? Matt:

  58. Isaiah Jimenez

    Isaiah Jimenez

    11 hours ago

    i miss the old intro

  59. OGAnarchy


    12 hours ago


  60. David Kipp

    David Kipp

    12 hours ago

    ATF been quite now

  61. PrisonCity Central

    PrisonCity Central

    12 hours ago

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      11 hours ago

      Yeah there is no way he’d loose all his guns

  62. Fragmented Key

    Fragmented Key

    12 hours ago

    I hate that they had the guns facing them, even if they were unloaded.

  63. Bad Ssd Daddy

    Bad Ssd Daddy

    12 hours ago

    No nick?

  64. Alan Gresov

    Alan Gresov

    12 hours ago

    So uh... yeah you're definitely all Biden voters

  65. Sean Crockett

    Sean Crockett

    12 hours ago

    Damn.. when you said Long Barrel.. you weren't lying

  66. Curtis Yates

    Curtis Yates

    13 hours ago

    Even the 9



    13 hours ago

    If the zombie apocalypse ever happened I would wanna be with matt



    13 hours ago

    love you guys , we are here because of our freedoms do not let them take em away....... o ya and demo ranch we are also here for the ranch dressing!

  69. ThatDamnedYankee


    13 hours ago

    Soooo....thats where all the Ammo went!

  70. wolf wolfie

    wolf wolfie

    13 hours ago

    And just missing Reaper for this video

  71. wolf wolfie

    wolf wolfie

    13 hours ago

    I have legit been waiting since Matt had baby face and a small patch of beard on his face for this video. Man I miss the tricks with guns your you did back in the old days

  72. CuteOfDeath


    13 hours ago

    I am hoping that the "i lost all my guns" is a joke

  73. Fluid


    13 hours ago

    thats enough guns to over throw a small government

  74. TheyCallMe Frostiiy

    TheyCallMe Frostiiy

    14 hours ago

    Shoot them all I’d watch the whole video

  75. knight5846


    14 hours ago

    Yeah there is no way he’d loose all his guns

  76. The_Notorious_BAV


    15 hours ago

    Y’all need to have a paint ball war

  77. Cholo


    15 hours ago

    God I love America.

  78. Jr R

    Jr R

    15 hours ago

    3:32 “ is dat a fookn musket”

  79. Will Malone

    Will Malone

    15 hours ago

    That thumbnail is cringe

  80. William Neuenschwander

    William Neuenschwander

    15 hours ago

    Brandon Herrera, surrounded by AKs everyday, picks up an AK from the table anyways

  81. I love hunter cotw

    I love hunter cotw

    15 hours ago

    My question is where do you put all them gunsDo you just wanna hole so you put all your guns in and then live in another one

  82. Sta Haz

    Sta Haz

    15 hours ago

    I love this 👍🏻

  83. Loganthegamer


    15 hours ago

    I love the new intro

  84. Attacked by Snakes

    Attacked by Snakes

    15 hours ago

    My mouth started watering and my heart started pounding

  85. 4randosutube


    15 hours ago

    Oh Matt! Never put all your guns in one boat! Look at the bright side. I for one feel safer already. ;-)

  86. Karin Hansen

    Karin Hansen

    16 hours ago

    And here we see a wild group of humans in their natural habitat, exercising their 2nd amendment and competing for gold items of great personal value.

  87. Chris Hopkins

    Chris Hopkins

    16 hours ago

    It's the ending that makes this video worth it. RIP to all of your pew pews

  88. Aaron Alonzo

    Aaron Alonzo

    16 hours ago

    Congratulations on 10mil!!!! 💜

  89. The PERSON

    The PERSON

    16 hours ago

    Broooo him and legally dangerous best collab

  90. Swiishr


    16 hours ago

    Invite pewdiepie

  91. bixby9797


    16 hours ago

    ummm....looks like my gunroom?

  92. Evan Jones

    Evan Jones

    16 hours ago

    That trophy .50 cal looks exactly like the one that blew up on Kentucky ballistics!! I guess Mare told Matt that ones gotta go!! But he gave it to his buddies… with friends like that lmao!! Awesome vid with most of my favorite guys

  93. Keith R

    Keith R

    16 hours ago

    props for doin this! I'd never do it myself

  94. Jefferson Grassel

    Jefferson Grassel

    16 hours ago

    Demo ranch: every gun in one video! The atf guy looking to fill his quota for the next 45 years: *heavy breathing*

  95. Misty Moose

    Misty Moose

    16 hours ago

    Been a long ride been watching sense 10000

  96. Owen Tennison

    Owen Tennison

    17 hours ago

    Ive been watching this channel for so many years I cant even remember and it was a pleasure seeing those guns on those tables. A big thank you to the Ranch family. Yall are amazing!!

  97. Young Legend

    Young Legend

    17 hours ago

    POV: Government watches this and forfeits

  98. venomon


    17 hours ago

    2:00 what my GTA character has in his pocket

  99. Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising

    17 hours ago

    More citizens should be like this man. The government is terrified of this

  100. Spencer Nichols

    Spencer Nichols

    17 hours ago

    David Chipman: ...*breathing heavy*