Demolition Ranch Dressing.....I Hate You All

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  1. Sean Cox

    Sean Cox

    Hour ago

    “Dumbest video ever” Matt said. 2.3M views later suggests it’s one of his best videos ever lol



    8 hours ago

    Slug shot!

  3. NickKersting1996


    9 hours ago

    Favorite episode. Hands down. We love you Matt 😂 thank you

  4. JeremyEvilEllisAtwood


    13 hours ago

    7:43 There is this website.......🤣



    15 hours ago

    As a scotsman who lives in a country that doesn't like firearms (uk) and loves your channel hearing the bullets hit the targets and the sound of the firearm firing is so relaxing 🤘🤘🤘

  6. Barrett1791


    Day ago

    This video was hilarious

  7. Alex .B

    Alex .B

    Day ago

    From a man that lives in the north of Midwest, this hurts so much...

  8. Timur Aliev

    Timur Aliev

    2 days ago


  9. I’m Bald

    I’m Bald

    2 days ago

    I’m waiting for him to start a musical

    • I’m Bald

      I’m Bald

      2 days ago

      In ww2 Instead of grenade they should’ve just use ranch because it will get all they’re guns sticky

  10. Devan Oconnor

    Devan Oconnor

    2 days ago

    he said " this videos gonna be dumb" then the 50 cal proved wrong

  11. Megh Hehar

    Megh Hehar

    2 days ago

    Shoot mail



    2 days ago

    12:49 LETS DO IT!!!!

  13. Cody Grabowski

    Cody Grabowski

    2 days ago


  14. Jacob Fackrell

    Jacob Fackrell

    3 days ago

    Demolition ranch allergic to the ranch? Who would have thought...

  15. Cory Williams

    Cory Williams

    3 days ago

    Money shot!

  16. OG Trev .

    OG Trev .

    3 days ago

    Omg love this Channel

  17. Stawgs


    3 days ago

    I could smell the ranch watching this video

  18. innocentdemon87


    3 days ago

    Yooo, does anyone know what's going on with Nick Irving? We haven't seen him in wore quite some time.....

  19. Peter Merkin

    Peter Merkin

    3 days ago

    Good sport. He really did have an allergic reaction.

  20. jared killham

    jared killham

    3 days ago

    Anyone recognize the logo on his hat?

  21. Sandra Lundy

    Sandra Lundy

    3 days ago

    i saw camraman face 12:59

  22. Tspace Baby

    Tspace Baby

    3 days ago

    My coworker walked in on me watching this and I can’t lie it was pretty hard to explain

  23. Maria C

    Maria C

    3 days ago

    Again, Again 🤣🤣

  24. Глеб Бочкарёв

    Глеб Бочкарёв

    4 days ago

    Welcome to the cumzone...

  25. Rob thesnakeguy

    Rob thesnakeguy

    4 days ago

    6:22 ranch pp

  26. abhijeet vasishtha

    abhijeet vasishtha

    4 days ago

    Love your videos! Love from india!!

  27. BrunswickianGeneral


    4 days ago

    7:45 when I see daddy Brandon Herrera 😩😩😩😩

  28. Killa Builda

    Killa Builda

    4 days ago

    December 1st be like:

  29. ParkCityViking


    5 days ago

    If you came to Minnesota… you know it’d be fun to shoot

  30. Biker Bernie

    Biker Bernie

    5 days ago

    Does Mair know you did a couple of money shots?

  31. Derek Derek

    Derek Derek

    5 days ago

    Imagine with all the crazy things Matt does, it's ranch dressing on demolition ranch that kills him.

  32. Aimee Lynn Hamm

    Aimee Lynn Hamm

    5 days ago

    That was messy but I like it

  33. Greg Lanz

    Greg Lanz

    5 days ago

    This is the only suitable use for ranch dressing, the stuff is vile

  34. Toby Hodkinson

    Toby Hodkinson

    5 days ago


  35. tbrayden3


    5 days ago

    That 50 cal shot was epic!

  36. Dan Maths

    Dan Maths

    5 days ago

    what was that tiny bike in the beginning

  37. Jonathan Keith

    Jonathan Keith

    5 days ago

    I think it was physically impossible for me to not laugh at that first explosion, and apparently the cameraman felt the same way. 😂😂

  38. Ricky Hawley

    Ricky Hawley

    5 days ago

    More that was funny as fuck

  39. M


    6 days ago

    Sounded like a song on the Xylophone! So a tactical vest with 5 bottles of dressing is in the works?

  40. urgency pyro

    urgency pyro

    6 days ago

    7:42 this looks familiar I've seen this on a website before 😉😉😊😊

  41. Ivan Dominguez

    Ivan Dominguez

    6 days ago


  42. Ethan Talbot

    Ethan Talbot

    6 days ago

    There’s the money shot. 7:45

  43. K.C.


    6 days ago

    So Matt first tells us how he hates to make such a messy dumb video then in the end sits in a mud slick of ranch and bathes in it at the end! Now that's commitment to entertaining content.

  44. snowmanmike


    6 days ago

    Please do a second one XD

  45. Diamond Dragon

    Diamond Dragon

    6 days ago

    Asmr vs guns LOL

  46. 2651cs


    6 days ago

    Why not blue cheese dressing

  47. Savi GG

    Savi GG

    6 days ago

    Explosion, what a gross video loved it.

  48. Thomas Mcdougall

    Thomas Mcdougall

    6 days ago

    How many humans would ACP go through lined up

  49. Krazorr


    6 days ago

    I love you too :3

  50. LOMan


    6 days ago

    .50 BMG vs bottles was awesome.

  51. LOMan


    6 days ago

    I thought they were tannerite so here I am, watching war crimes against salad dressing.

  52. Vincent S

    Vincent S

    6 days ago


  53. Alex Filing

    Alex Filing

    6 days ago

    Can you do Dorothy Lynch next hahaha

  54. Shaun Gautreaux

    Shaun Gautreaux

    6 days ago


  55. Tom Bavlsik

    Tom Bavlsik

    6 days ago

    12:45 the best moment in Demolition Ranch History

  56. Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA

    Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA

    6 days ago

    Best video ever! Hate us all you want; that was epic!

  57. Zakaria600


    6 days ago

    LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Arifin 001

    Arifin 001

    7 days ago

    Wkwkwwk bangsat 🤣

  59. Brian LaFollette

    Brian LaFollette

    7 days ago

    I'm sure that demolition ranch is where dumb ideas are supposed to be tried.

  60. Aaron Hoffman

    Aaron Hoffman

    7 days ago

    Matt’s intros are great

  61. Ricardo Lopes Amorim Silva

    Ricardo Lopes Amorim Silva

    7 days ago

    In good was one of yours that I laughed the most.. sensational

  62. PelDaddy


    7 days ago

    Hey, bud, the end shot of you driving the bike through the ranch is worth the price of admission (and a thumbs up). Funny. Thanks for the entertainment.

  63. Andrew Hinshaw

    Andrew Hinshaw

    7 days ago

    This video will live in my mind rent free for the rest of my life

  64. J. P. The Armored Chef

    J. P. The Armored Chef

    7 days ago

    That was funniest episode I’ve ever seen.

  65. Mix CobraBray

    Mix CobraBray

    7 days ago


  66. Maximus Ellis

    Maximus Ellis

    7 days ago

    make song with your targets

  67. Lenny Wiuff

    Lenny Wiuff

    7 days ago

    You do the dumbest things. I love it!

  68. Lansing Michigan

    Lansing Michigan

    7 days ago

    🤣🤣that was freaking awesome 😎

  69. JankyDongle


    7 days ago

    Such a waste.

  70. connor armstrong

    connor armstrong

    7 days ago

    so demo ranch has a herrera style title

  71. Hunter Benefiel

    Hunter Benefiel

    7 days ago

    What was the shape of the ranch

  72. Dylan Boeger

    Dylan Boeger

    7 days ago

    Why'd you do that to yourself Matt

  73. Mike Lindenfelser

    Mike Lindenfelser

    7 days ago

    I didn't realize till the AK that you were hiding in a Hidden Valley Ranch box.

  74. PerfectlyNormalBeast


    7 days ago

    With all those different sized targets, you could get a firing squad out there and play a song

  75. kyson white

    kyson white

    7 days ago

    shoot at you tommy gun i dare you

  76. Mr. Magoo

    Mr. Magoo

    7 days ago

    Try to play a song with the targets 🎵🎶🎵🔫

  77. Michael Ravetti

    Michael Ravetti

    7 days ago

    150 for the mini bike. Signed Demo Ranch in gold script w/ shipping to California



    7 days ago

    See, this is the kinda stuff that made me unsub. And I've been watching Demo ranch since he had only like 20k subs.

  79. cevansinz


    7 days ago

    Why not tune those targets to make a specific note when shot; compose a song.

  80. sergeant mason

    sergeant mason

    7 days ago

    demoranch gets alergic reaction to ranch also demoranch: 12:01

  81. sergeant mason

    sergeant mason

    7 days ago

    8:27 what happend to your finger

  82. Matthew Sidoti

    Matthew Sidoti

    7 days ago

    This is the funniest video I have seen so far

  83. Robby McCool

    Robby McCool

    7 days ago

    Lol I had Matt’s allergic reaction to ranch when I was a kid. Grew out of it luckily

  84. Nikola Petrović

    Nikola Petrović

    8 days ago

    wtf is ranch dressing?

  85. Irvin Harris II

    Irvin Harris II

    8 days ago

    You were suppose to Get an AA12 full auto with dragon breath for the ranch.

  86. Mike Riela

    Mike Riela

    8 days ago

    7:29....I should call her

  87. Trevor Smits

    Trevor Smits

    8 days ago

    The barret making the ranch explode whole heartedly made me laugh, I needed that, thanks!

  88. BOS_47


    8 days ago

    Finally, Matt demolitioned the ranch

  89. KyotoSage


    8 days ago

    Got some Octagon Tar- H-Hexag- **counts edges of target** ...Octagon Targets...

  90. Stephen Kearnes

    Stephen Kearnes

    8 days ago

    Lol Matt got covered in the white stuff...

  91. Brax Stubb

    Brax Stubb

    8 days ago


  92. Mr Matheson

    Mr Matheson

    8 days ago

    legalize ranch

  93. Spartanchart 262

    Spartanchart 262

    8 days ago

    50 bmg is when you don't give her a warning and release

  94. nellAyaR2034


    8 days ago

    Grossest thing I’ve watched. I hate ranch so much made me want to puke

  95. jpwolf5


    8 days ago

    Oh my God, that was so epic Matt. We know you still love us, lol

  96. Ryan Urban (Urbanizer)

    Ryan Urban (Urbanizer)

    8 days ago

    It has literally been years I am so excited that it has finally happened.

  97. Biscuit Animations

    Biscuit Animations

    8 days ago

    Demolishing ranch on Demolition Ranch

  98. Gungan


    8 days ago

    Clearly you need to shoot 100 chronographs.

  99. Frost D.H

    Frost D.H

    8 days ago

    Now 1 of my favourite vid from you.

  100. james chenard

    james chenard

    8 days ago

    Gotta do it over, left out the .50 APIT🤪🤣