Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL)

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This episode is not sponsored by Ryobi, I just wanted to make the tool snobs mad!!!!!!

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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  1. Josh J

    Josh J

    19 hours ago

    Team Makita!

  2. Josh Allen

    Josh Allen

    2 days ago

    Why do I feel like this is Matt trying to get sponsored by ryobi. 😂

  3. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez

    2 days ago

    Gonna buy me more ryobi tools

  4. Gunnar Perusich

    Gunnar Perusich

    2 days ago

    Her just hate anything good

  5. Gunnar Perusich

    Gunnar Perusich

    2 days ago

    Drill Dewalt inpack Milwaukee

  6. Brandon Lankford97

    Brandon Lankford97

    3 days ago

    Kobalt all day anyday

  7. Jordan Holzapfel

    Jordan Holzapfel

    3 days ago

    Maybe 15,000 shirts you should gold plate your house😁🇺🇲

  8. Joshua Leister

    Joshua Leister

    3 days ago

    Ryobi still sucks.

  9. TheOfficer 1K-24

    TheOfficer 1K-24

    3 days ago

    fuck ryobi is shit dewalt is way better

  10. Maria Fowler

    Maria Fowler

    4 days ago

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    5 days ago

    the old PS90 slap

  12. Ethan James

    Ethan James

    6 days ago


  13. Screamin Yellow Mach

    Screamin Yellow Mach

    6 days ago

    Our drills heads are falling off!!!

  14. Blake THLABUUTH


    7 days ago

    Next person to give me sh#t about my ryobi has this video comin their way, thank you matt

  15. SympleSecret


    7 days ago

    He was sponsered by ryobi dont lie lol

  16. Jeremiah Simpson

    Jeremiah Simpson

    8 days ago

    Ryobi is the Ford of drills it’s indescribable

  17. BigBeanDMV


    9 days ago

    Ryobi is the Hi Point of power tools, Milwaukee is a Glock. Dewalt is a 1911, Just saying.

  18. BigBeanDMV


    9 days ago

    The Milwaukee slander is too much for me, lol. Signed, Union Carpenter

  19. Joseph Sr

    Joseph Sr

    9 days ago

    Ryobi sucks if you want to do the test right you need to actually hit it with that 45 acp ...also I'm offended how you treated that 1911😅🤣

  20. Flamethrower Capricorn

    Flamethrower Capricorn

    9 days ago

    You forgot about drillmaster and craftsman

  21. Ryan Parker

    Ryan Parker

    9 days ago

    this is an unbiased video

  22. bodinho carneirovski pinto

    bodinho carneirovski pinto

    10 days ago

    Matt: puts "professional" in the title literally everyone: press X to doubt

  23. Driiveri


    10 days ago

    I just can't understand why somebody is "fan" of some toolmark. My ex co-worker was obsessed with Milwaukee, all the tools had to be Milwaukee, and it is expensive brand. But, they were used by students and they didn't last. So we got some new gear by Makita, and they are quite long age equipment. Maybe we should try Ryobi next!

  24. GreakFTW


    10 days ago

    Imagine a construction company coming out to do some work showing up with ryobi'es. I would laugh at them with my panasonic. In my country none of the professional providers sell ryobi, only the cheap shops. Never used one but I imagine they are like other cheap brands. They work for "hobby" use, but daily use and it will wear out in just a few years. Also the chuck tends to suck.

  25. Frankie Warman

    Frankie Warman

    11 days ago

    I mean, ironically the milwaukee failed cause it was metal around the chuck and it bent instead of breaking lol

  26. Bunji_124


    11 days ago

    What about hilty

  27. Call of dutty

    Call of dutty

    11 days ago

    You forgot rigid

  28. Michael R.

    Michael R.

    11 days ago

    Why not do Rigid brand? They have lifetime warranties on their drills AND batteries!! After I switched to Rigid I’ve had zero drill/driver issues, they are flawless almost!

  29. My favorite Martian

    My favorite Martian

    12 days ago

    I use Ryobi tools (Cheap) but does the job. But I made an adapter to use DeWalt 20 Volt batteries in my Ryobi 18 Volt tools.

  30. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura

    13 days ago

    15:04 ah yes, the Scott annihilator

  31. Nathan Saephanh

    Nathan Saephanh

    13 days ago

    Do snap on tools! Lol

  32. Wagall Lynkx

    Wagall Lynkx

    13 days ago

    Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/

  33. :0


    13 days ago

    Congratulations on 10m

  34. Aardvark Apoc

    Aardvark Apoc

    14 days ago

    Another way to look at it is the Milwaukee is the only one that stopped the .22 and .45

  35. Preussian Blau

    Preussian Blau

    14 days ago

    I don't think shooting lithium ion batteries is a good idea.

  36. Toastbrotmann


    14 days ago

    Hilti? Bosch? Only tesing the cheap ones?XD

  37. Phillip Moxley

    Phillip Moxley

    15 days ago

    I actually got a Ryobi commercial while I was watching this. lmao

  38. Your Uncle Jamal

    Your Uncle Jamal

    15 days ago

    I cracked up when he threw the 1911 at the Ryobi

  39. Edward Elric

    Edward Elric

    15 days ago

    deep down we all know Ryobi is the best.

  40. Adventures with Shagoroth

    Adventures with Shagoroth

    17 days ago

    Forgot rigid

  41. Foster Otley

    Foster Otley

    17 days ago

    *When you do a burnout and suddenly have 5 neutrals*

  42. donnie retterer

    donnie retterer

    17 days ago

    what about a craftsmen drills

  43. Scout trooper TK645

    Scout trooper TK645

    17 days ago

    Demo stop being biased and shoot the Ryobi with the 45acp if you did I’m blind

  44. Corey Thomas

    Corey Thomas

    17 days ago

    16:05 Dumb and Dumber, thank you.

  45. Calvin Gray

    Calvin Gray

    19 days ago

    So close 10 mill. Geez mat your on the grind. Keep it up man. American dream

  46. Hotshot Diaries

    Hotshot Diaries

    20 days ago

    I’m actually impressed by how well the DeWalt held up considering it took a 45 to the chuck and still worked

  47. Jacob Frederick

    Jacob Frederick

    20 days ago

    Honestly, the best part of this video was the drills shooting back at Matt

  48. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen

    20 days ago

    You should shoot RC LIPO batteries . I had to put a few down for safety purposes. They can explode or on impact or when shot.its amazing to see lithium fireball that last 4-5 minuets

  49. bernard B

    bernard B

    20 days ago

    He totally forgot about Bosch!

  50. Randomly 4 Shits

    Randomly 4 Shits

    21 day ago

    So he broke it by shotting the motor then shot it again with a bigger round then it starts working g

  51. Kyle Fox

    Kyle Fox

    21 day ago


  52. CyberSand


    21 day ago

    Where is the best boy Chainsaw Chuck?

  53. The Indoor Outdoorsman

    The Indoor Outdoorsman

    21 day ago

    I've had no issues witb Ryobi. I've had Makita's fail way before the warranty expired, Dewalt fail way before the warranty expired, Black and Decker broken out of the box, and Milwaukee is just too expensive.

  54. J.D. Veilleux

    J.D. Veilleux

    21 day ago

    Matt funniest part that most ppl don't know is that 3 major companies all in Japan make all them and I belive Ryobi and Dewalt are made by the same company along with Makita and Milwaukee are made by the same company

  55. georgeof78


    21 day ago

    I love my Makita. I used one 4 years past its warranty and it went out in flaming glory and went to the toolbox in the sky. Home depot asked if I wanted the extended warranty on my next Makita. I said, No need for it.

  56. Corben Donaldson

    Corben Donaldson

    21 day ago


  57. MrQbeczeq


    22 days ago

    i'll buy a shirt when you make 4xl size for me and shipped it to Poland ;P

  58. Newman Ortega

    Newman Ortega

    22 days ago

    The plastic glass cytochemically move because wren mainly subtract per a delicious cultivator. unequal, sassy direction

  59. maverick plankton squash

    maverick plankton squash

    22 days ago

    the moral of the story is if your drill dies shoot it with a 50BMG it will work again

  60. Dailylife videos 8

    Dailylife videos 8

    22 days ago

    Bro you understand who makes ryobi😂

  61. Ashton King

    Ashton King

    22 days ago

    U didn’t shoot the Ryobi with the .45acp bullet it doesn’t count

  62. Amanda Bush

    Amanda Bush

    22 days ago

    ryobi sucks

  63. Marlin Rushby

    Marlin Rushby

    24 days ago

    last test e switced ryobi

  64. Marlin Rushby

    Marlin Rushby

    24 days ago

    imagine in 50 years time he doesn't own the ranch and someone go metal detecting matt should do bullet excavation

  65. FaZe 2017 Cheverolet Equinox

    FaZe 2017 Cheverolet Equinox

    24 days ago

    Shoulda put the Black and Decker drill up to the test. Tried to put a battery in it and it snapped in half.

  66. jamoecw


    26 days ago

    usgone.info/award/video/g9Ged4CaxIqWsKs DeWalt is the best because it is made in america.

  67. Redman Outdoors

    Redman Outdoors

    26 days ago

    I really want to just stuff the ryobi with explosives and make it disappear

  68. The Trippy Life Of Julian

    The Trippy Life Of Julian

    26 days ago

    Beautiful shirt anyone know if it’s still for sale I want one

  69. Trent Ufford

    Trent Ufford

    26 days ago

    The rampant banana methodologically face because equipment successively snow from a womanly bag. willing, subsequent orchestra

  70. The Dino

    The Dino

    26 days ago

    He forgot black and decker

  71. lucas johnstone

    lucas johnstone

    27 days ago

    Don’t you dare talk shit on Milwaukee sir

  72. Harry Bouttel

    Harry Bouttel

    27 days ago

    This is what happens anytime you lend someone your drill

  73. Alexander Andazola

    Alexander Andazola

    28 days ago

    This guy is the Whistlin dittly diesel of guns 🔫

  74. Michael DeLong

    Michael DeLong

    28 days ago

    You forgot ridgid

  75. Alberto Munez

    Alberto Munez

    29 days ago

    Why would u ever shoot a drill while working 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  76. Deven Hernandez

    Deven Hernandez

    Month ago

    He’s really good at throwing in all his videos lol

  77. Joe Dawson

    Joe Dawson

    Month ago

    If you can hit 9000 shoot a car with a RPG!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Kind Nugz

    Kind Nugz

    Month ago

    This is a BOLTR i can get behind.

  79. Soap


    Month ago

    0:25 Matt's quite the Dualie Squelcher main 😳

  80. Morten Talbro Hansen

    Morten Talbro Hansen

    Month ago

    your out makita is the king :-)

  81. Tonya Griffin

    Tonya Griffin

    Month ago


  82. C ME

    C ME

    Month ago

    13:09 - I got your "fast moving little penetrator" RIGHT HERE - hahahahahaha

  83. Derrick M

    Derrick M

    Month ago

    I use the shit out of ryobi tools, i have yet to have any major issues.

  84. NormalCat 899344

    NormalCat 899344

    Month ago

    Did he return them after?

  85. spazztardVR1


    Month ago

    That shotgun is gorgeous

  86. Ethan Lowery

    Ethan Lowery

    Month ago

    I bet Matt could actually find a guy that could build a gun that looks like a drill.

  87. Kristy Russell

    Kristy Russell

    Month ago

    You did not hit the drill with the lords callaber bullit

  88. forsakenwarlord5


    Month ago

    I do like Ryobi for what they're made for but there's no way I could use them in my profession because sliding batteries are so much more dependable. The Pop in batteries that Roy will be still uses let's start falling out after the heavy use my job requires, but they're great tools

  89. forsakenwarlord5


    Month ago

    Fun fact TTI makes Ryobi, Ridgid, and Milwaukee power tools. Milwaukee and Ridgid are there professional grade brands, Ryobi are their homeowner brand. But they're all good brand tools, also DeWalt sucks 😂

  90. Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers

    Month ago

    Can you get sued by 4 companies at the same time for the same reason?

  91. Brandon Rasco

    Brandon Rasco

    Month ago

    I am personally offended that Ridgid was not invited to this competition...

  92. Molalla Merica

    Molalla Merica

    Month ago

    Love me some Ryobi!

  93. Jim Martin

    Jim Martin

    Month ago

    I honestly like DeWalt because their saw saw has a long battery

  94. liam mason

    liam mason

    Month ago

    Sorry mat but team dewalt

  95. Pick up Truck Man

    Pick up Truck Man

    Month ago

    Milwaukee's better

  96. Pick up Truck Man

    Pick up Truck Man

    Month ago

    You didn't even shoot it

  97. Zach Southerland

    Zach Southerland

    Month ago

    Milwaukee slander is not tolerated

  98. Pitcher88


    Month ago

    Uncle Rob V2

  99. Austin O'Brie

    Austin O'Brie

    Month ago

    All jokes aside, we all know Milwaukee is superior 😉



    Month ago

    even matts to cheap to buy and ruin a snap on drill 😂