I Bought 150lbs of Silly Puddy and it ACTUALLY Kinda Works....

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    2 hours ago

    Matt : sits* Birds : poops* Matt : takes gun out and shoots st the bird

  2. andrew l

    andrew l

    15 hours ago

    rule #1 dont piss off big birds southern cousin..

  3. Q Chronicles

    Q Chronicles

    Day ago

    Silly Putty was originally wall paper cleaner during the days of.coal burning pot belly stove heaters. They reinvented themselves as a child's toy for its abilities noted and to copy print materials.

  4. Little Greenbud

    Little Greenbud

    2 days ago

    That blob after the 50 BMG hit it looks like something out of tremors!! Lol

  5. Formed Box

    Formed Box

    2 days ago

    3:18 “If you do it slow... it acts like water” *3:18* *Water* Sir what water do you do you speak of ??

  6. MiiLL3R


    2 days ago

    The silly putty looked like a piece of a graboid after shooting it with the .50

  7. Dalton c

    Dalton c

    3 days ago

    What kind of ak was that

  8. oneeyedking3


    3 days ago

    Just a tip Gopro makes clamps for the cameras. There's no reason for the Gopro to go flying every time.

  9. Peter Merkin

    Peter Merkin

    3 days ago

    Matt. Use a stud finder to locate your bullets in material like this.

  10. Buddy Myy Dog

    Buddy Myy Dog

    4 days ago

    They should put a target or something behind to determine how much power the bullet has coming out of the silly putty and or whatever else he's popping into lol it would be dope to see what type of different penetration power would be needed to get through each of what item he's shooting through and how much power would pack behind each shot that goes through cuz rn it just goes through and to the dirt lol

  11. Trey Gebhart

    Trey Gebhart

    5 days ago

    I never realized how weird silly putty is....

  12. José Hernández

    José Hernández

    5 days ago

    How many ak47s would it take to stop an ak47

  13. Vinícius de Oliveira

    Vinícius de Oliveira

    6 days ago

    this is a non Newtonian fluid. The interaction among the molecules of the materials of it's made gives this behavior. you can make the same with cornstarch and water.

  14. Lemmings19


    6 days ago

    Really should have used some of that silly putty to stick to camera to the table...

  15. Derrin Calk

    Derrin Calk

    6 days ago

    That 50 BMG made that silly puddy look like a Tremor.

  16. Vic Kazuto

    Vic Kazuto

    6 days ago

    50bmg muzzle blast vs silly puddy

  17. Gunner Skains

    Gunner Skains

    6 days ago

    When you shot it with the .50 the side that was off the table looks like a dragon.

  18. Andrew Minko

    Andrew Minko

    6 days ago

    I watched the bulletproof wallet video but you shot it empty...idk who Carrie's an empty wallet lol...I have business cards 2 credit cards a business credit card and usually a little bit of cash....my question if how bullet proof is the full average wallet and then how about that same scenario but with the cevlar one full like a normal person.....make it a more realistic test

  19. Albert Wass de Czege

    Albert Wass de Czege

    6 days ago

    If only there was a way to keep the GoPro that was sitting on the table from falling down every time he shot the silly putty.

  20. LUX


    6 days ago

    One of the 2 USgoners that I put a like just for the intro 😂

  21. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    6 days ago

    Would the silly puddy be able stop lower calibers if it was in a container? Just something to help it keep it’s density.

  22. Storm Angel

    Storm Angel

    6 days ago

    There is so much lead in the ground

  23. Robert Orr

    Robert Orr

    7 days ago

    ok. time to give the silly putty back to your kids!

  24. LazeringMFRZ


    7 days ago

    Looked like the thing from the movie tremors when he hit it with the 50

  25. Lee Braddock

    Lee Braddock

    7 days ago

    Need to set up some stuff around the targets that bullets don't go through, in a pattern around the target that you are shooting to catch the bullets so we can see how much velocity was left in them when they left the target that you are shooting... like a shield to catch the projectile after it left what you are shooting at

  26. Lee Braddock

    Lee Braddock

    7 days ago

    So why make fun of a farmer? He puts food in your mouth my man... I'm sure if you made a video of someone picking cotton for a shirt, it would get banned and you would too... redneck is just as offensive as ni..a to me, so why isn't the same on USgone, we are going to have to see about that, with a piece of straw hanging out my mouth!!

  27. Darian Ward

    Darian Ward

    7 days ago

    Are we just gonna not talk about how Matt just shot a gold .50BMG? Has anybody seen that rifle before?

  28. Chris Story

    Chris Story

    7 days ago

    Would like to see what a 17hmr would do it makes clay explode

  29. Bluefricklord


    7 days ago

    Best kids toy review channel

  30. George Obama-Biden

    George Obama-Biden

    9 days ago

    That last one was gnarly. Good bye to whoever takes the 50 BMG

  31. John BassHead Work

    John BassHead Work

    9 days ago

    AK-47. FAR WIN

  32. 28steps


    9 days ago

    Turns out I'm a little gay.

  33. 4k joe

    4k joe

    10 days ago

    who else loves the sound of cocking a .50 BMG? (leave a like)

  34. Mike McLenison

    Mike McLenison

    10 days ago

    That was fun!

  35. Jeff Wolfe

    Jeff Wolfe

    10 days ago

    Aaaaand Matt has created … “Jabba the Target”. I can finally sleep at night.

  36. Nicolas Connault

    Nicolas Connault

    12 days ago

    It's official, Deadpool's body is mostly made of silly putty! That's the healing factor right there!

  37. jnsmoparable


    12 days ago

    What the heck is that propane cannon you have you make that yourself that thing is freaking awesome ?

  38. Lucas Moana

    Lucas Moana

    12 days ago

    I thought your name was mat not madam glad

  39. Odin Hel

    Odin Hel

    13 days ago

    AR 15 guess.... it won’t 🤔

  40. NiceRage2009


    13 days ago

    Wtf do you do with all this crap when your done with it in the videos. Just curious if you just chunk the 50 pounds of putty in the trash, or do you find 50 kids and they all get a pound each🤷🏻‍♂️😆

  41. William12 Plays

    William12 Plays

    13 days ago

    Matt: it’s stopping in 1 feet Me: wait don’t you mean it’s stopping in 1 foot

  42. Lethgorias


    13 days ago

    Tryna figure out if that's a really fancy air-powered punt gun or if it's a gun that shoots pressurized air to knock birds out of the sky. Because either would be amazing.

  43. Iván Della Cha

    Iván Della Cha

    13 days ago

    Gopro must be separated to the table you are shooting at, so it doesnt fall and we can watch the bullet trayectory and damage. Healthy advice. Great content!!

  44. KaT Bunniekat

    KaT Bunniekat

    13 days ago

    I swear the flesh color made it look like a body!

  45. Mike LeFate

    Mike LeFate

    13 days ago

    It's confirmed. You can call off the age old debate, the AK is officially better than the AR15

  46. Wagall Lynkx

    Wagall Lynkx

    13 days ago

    Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/

  47. meme maker

    meme maker

    13 days ago

    Try shooting ubleck

  48. Silas


    13 days ago

    AYO HES AT 10 million!!!! Full collection showcase please!!!

  49. M 4 R 5 H B O I

    M 4 R 5 H B O I

    13 days ago

    I love Mat's intros

  50. Average Streamer

    Average Streamer

    14 days ago

    10 mil you gotta show your gun collection

  51. Dante


    14 days ago

    I am vury cross rat naow. Those dern burds dun ate all mah corn ears. That is not vury nas uhv theum. I thank I am gunna be dooin sumthin uhbaot that.

  52. paul ross

    paul ross

    15 days ago

    Did they report you to the NSA for that purchase? You sure you're not cutting your plastique? That would be dishonest.

  53. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen

    15 days ago

    I want to see you shoot play doh

  54. Alejandro Hernandez

    Alejandro Hernandez

    15 days ago

    Remember guys water can strech

  55. Tony Audas

    Tony Audas

    15 days ago

    Looks like a graboid.

  56. the stupid peeps

    the stupid peeps

    16 days ago

    maybe try and explain your titles better

  57. Syruss Tha Great

    Syruss Tha Great

    16 days ago

    You should set the GoPro on a separate table or stand so it doesn't keep falling

  58. the stupid peeps

    the stupid peeps

    16 days ago

    what do you mean it actuly works works as what for what what do you mean?

  59. Patrik Houg

    Patrik Houg

    16 days ago

    You have such a inspirational mind, Coming up with all those creative intros hahaha

  60. Patrick Williamson

    Patrick Williamson

    16 days ago

    As fun as it is to watch you throw your gopro around, it would be good to get a spare tripod man

  61. Scout Schmith

    Scout Schmith

    16 days ago

    Silly putty implies that Serious putty exists.

  62. batben sam

    batben sam

    16 days ago

    What happened to creepy cooter?

  63. ZadjTime


    16 days ago

    Hitting the 50 BMG made it look like a zombie lobster

  64. NotPetya


    16 days ago

    scary larry isnt real he cant hurt you scary larry:

  65. Alpine


    16 days ago

    Looking swole Matt. Has Mere seen those overalls?

  66. Vortex 11711

    Vortex 11711

    17 days ago

    NO HOMO but that's a sexy ass farmer

  67. isettech


    17 days ago

    Wow, 50 years ago, a plastic egg less than 1/2 full, about a teaspoon worth was just under a dollar. Back in the day that much would be worth about a grand. Silly Putty is sold as a 13 g (0.46 oz) piece of clay inside an egg-shaped plastic container.That is over $32 per lb. This is in 1960's dollars. Look up the wikipedia article on it which has a photo of the original amount in one of the eggs. I had marbles larger than that in my shooters.

  68. Killer_King69


    17 days ago

    stopping with ar-15

  69. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    17 days ago

    Imagine a homeless guy walking in the woods and he sees matts safe. And then hears... "Will a drifter stop a bullet?"

  70. Jason L

    Jason L

    17 days ago

    Looks like your shooting the T-1000 with the BMG shot. Lol

  71. timpete78


    17 days ago

    Hey Matt, stuff that putty full of tannerite and then shoot it!

  72. Tekceb-12


    18 days ago

    Hollow points would bounce off

  73. Nerdikles TV

    Nerdikles TV

    18 days ago

    What is this happy horse shit?! Why did i have to resubscribe?! Are you cheating the 10mill vid?!

  74. Brandon _gaming_130

    Brandon _gaming_130

    18 days ago

    silly puddy is a nonnewtonian fluid

  75. wtf's alommy?

    wtf's alommy?

    18 days ago

    R Fookin I P

  76. Jayden Cope

    Jayden Cope

    18 days ago

    If that was 150 lbs you wouldn’t be rolling it over that easily😹

  77. Mr.Waffles Jr.

    Mr.Waffles Jr.

    18 days ago

    "We are big on the scientific method at demolitionranch" "Wouldn't want to give anything an advantage" *Changes variables*

    • Mr.Waffles Jr.

      Mr.Waffles Jr.

      16 days ago

      @Alexis Harper Fair

    • Alexis Harper

      Alexis Harper

      17 days ago

      In his defense, the variables were changing every second to begin with and he was trying to set it to be closer to the starting variables.

  78. KrypticViper


    18 days ago

    Bmg stands for Big metal gun

  79. Dewelwield 1010

    Dewelwield 1010

    19 days ago

    8:07 “stopping bullets in one feet of silly putty” - Matt 2021



    19 days ago

    so basically if you get shot by a 50 BMG it can split you in half

  81. Bryson Loko

    Bryson Loko

    19 days ago

    Form body armor out of the puddy and see what level it is



    19 days ago

    What do you think I took

  83. matthew swearingen

    matthew swearingen

    19 days ago

    its not gunna go threw

  84. Timetodiddl


    19 days ago

    Slo mo guys and colion noir on demolitionranch, make it happen.

  85. Jude Quigley

    Jude Quigley

    20 days ago

    looks like you came back from ram ranch

  86. Fazmoze


    20 days ago

    self repairing body armour

  87. WinterTrooper


    20 days ago

    We need a channel of just Matt and friends doing intro skit videos

  88. jambajoby32


    20 days ago

    DR: let’s get silly putty!! Also DR: make it flesh color

  89. Longplay Legends

    Longplay Legends

    20 days ago

    All that Silly Putty in the thumbnail looked like a big hunk of shite LMAO.

  90. Laurenz Ehlers

    Laurenz Ehlers

    20 days ago

    11:00 its all i wanted to see

  91. Wade willson

    Wade willson

    20 days ago

    Cool, I wonder what full auto would do to that silly putty

  92. Raist474


    21 day ago

    Starting to see why non-Newtonian fluids are such a big deal with defense research.

  93. BOB Doyle

    BOB Doyle

    21 day ago

    "one feet" hmmm.... no!

  94. cridgit001


    21 day ago

    10 mil followers, no tripod for the slow mo?

  95. JoJo Stalin

    JoJo Stalin

    22 days ago

    I really loved that depressed farmer character from the intro.

  96. zeds Aprilia tuono 1000r

    zeds Aprilia tuono 1000r

    22 days ago

    There's a material called D3O that has similar properties it's used in motorcycle armour cool stuff.

  97. an icecream sandwich

    an icecream sandwich

    22 days ago

    why did the first part look kinda sad

  98. Djmakeherdrip


    22 days ago

    Mix water and cornstarch. It makes oobleck. Which is even stronger than the silly putty and cheaper

  99. J.W CRAFTS


    24 days ago

    Kinsay bisaya diri b agi mos channel nko

  100. DAM1ON


    24 days ago

    Where you want to pause this video is at 9:46... And then, at 10:08 "nothing came out"!