I Got Body Armor for my Dog.... And I'm Gonna Test it...

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  1. Kentucky Ballistics

    Kentucky Ballistics

    17 days ago

    Definitely the proper shirt for this video lol!

    • Benjamin Payson

      Benjamin Payson

      9 hours ago


    • Rondell the minecrafter

      Rondell the minecrafter

      4 days ago

      I didn't know Kentucky knew him😭

    • Robert Perry

      Robert Perry

      5 days ago

      Well he actually did put a thumb in it too lol

    • Moldy Bread

      Moldy Bread

      6 days ago

      @Flaming Rice it’s really not funny

    • James Smith

      James Smith

      6 days ago

      been looking to find ammo and i jumped on omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846

  2. Mason


    Hour ago

    He put the dog down like Old yeller

  3. bruh man

    bruh man

    4 hours ago

    try a bulletproof backpack or briefcase

  4. Garrett Davis

    Garrett Davis

    15 hours ago

    The real question is where’s fluffy’s ear protection

  5. Kebab Er Lækkert

    Kebab Er Lækkert

    18 hours ago

    omg for a second i thought u shot at ur dog hahaha

  6. DabGod


    19 hours ago

    Biden wants to tax people for having extended magazines and for owning an "AR-14" so Matt do you support Biden or are you a Trump supporter

  7. McKenzie's channel

    McKenzie's channel

    19 hours ago

    ATF roleplay

  8. juicyNathan


    Day ago

    Спасибо за видео, коммент в благодарность

  9. Shamila Saifi

    Shamila Saifi

    Day ago

    When i saw the thumbnail i thought he was going to test it on his dog i was like [oh god no]

  10. Logan Wood

    Logan Wood

    Day ago

    literally wouldve died if the dog actually wpuldve started moving when he was doing the tricks

  11. reee_eeeew3


    Day ago

    Now cat body armor

  12. Jiko Ibrahim

    Jiko Ibrahim

    Day ago

    Ein normaler Mensch Schießt auch 3bis5 mal😂 da hat er es lange durch brochen

  13. RollinCode


    Day ago

    why you shooting fluffy?

  14. Burke Heiselt

    Burke Heiselt

    Day ago

    hey id like to bay your yoosd casings off you

  15. mark alyea

    mark alyea

    Day ago

    Im sure the atf likes this video.

  16. Jacob Housour

    Jacob Housour

    2 days ago


  17. SaintsOf Knoecks

    SaintsOf Knoecks

    2 days ago

    11:00 okay... so you’ve done PUBG before with the hay bails. How about the Russian level three helmet. (In game level three, I have no clue what it’s rated at.) With the solid steel faceplate and a bulletproof glass portion for the eyeholes? I want to know what the best helmet in PUBG does in real life.

  18. SaintsOf Knoecks

    SaintsOf Knoecks

    2 days ago

    Well... finishing it today. I’ve watched every video besides this one. Saved the mp5 with krispy and this one as a back burner, but that uh... that had about seven miles to the gallon. Thank you Matt for having such amazing content, you’re hilarious. Plus.... guns. Enough said.

  19. Caleb Labbee

    Caleb Labbee

    3 days ago

    Fluffy fluffy I so worried matt ‘’ well we hit him pretty good ‘’

  20. Lucas Persson

    Lucas Persson

    3 days ago

    four inches deep in fluffy

  21. Wildtooth 7081

    Wildtooth 7081

    3 days ago

    8:58 Somthing you don’t want to hear your Doctor saying

  22. Cody Wilkinson

    Cody Wilkinson

    3 days ago

    Next body armor video should be the Level IIIA from Tactical Baby Gear for all the dads

  23. miguel arzuaga

    miguel arzuaga

    3 days ago

    wait can you make merch for dog like that because if you do I will buy one

  24. A Z L N

    A Z L N

    3 days ago

    what da dog doin

  25. Fire Fly

    Fire Fly

    3 days ago

    can you imagine robbing this guys house, you bust through the front door and their is a dog with body armor waiting for you and a man with enough guns and ammo to supply a small army. Instant regret



    3 days ago

    Imagine going into his house and u see smg on his counter...

  27. Rick Goodman

    Rick Goodman

    3 days ago

    level 4 "active shooter kit" www.govx.com/p/123068/rampage-20-active-shooter-kit-with-level-iv-4s17-armor-plates

  28. Patryk NoX

    Patryk NoX

    3 days ago

    "Oh my god! You killed Ken.., ekhem, I mean Fluffy! You Bastard!" 😋 Congrats Bro! I'm your fan from Poland and you taught me a lot of about weapons, ballistics and armory! 😎 I'm waiting for more vids! 🔥😁

  29. keondre wallace

    keondre wallace

    3 days ago


  30. Чёрный Властелин

    Чёрный Властелин

    4 days ago

    Понравилось Алексею Панину

  31. Monsieur bacteria

    Monsieur bacteria

    4 days ago

    If only Riley had body armour:(

  32. Markius Galfordii

    Markius Galfordii

    4 days ago

    How about you make a bulletproof cup I've seen a lot of bulletproof stuff but there is nothing for your legs or your balls

  33. Mr. Salamander

    Mr. Salamander

    4 days ago

    what gun does he have at 0:38 ???

  34. Vitaly Kuvaev

    Vitaly Kuvaev

    4 days ago

    Buddy Armor

  35. Darren Tucker

    Darren Tucker

    5 days ago

    Make done hunting videos on on hunting season

  36. Ray Hardman

    Ray Hardman

    5 days ago

    Matt's finally lost it. Never a good oman when a crazy person has a gun.

  37. Play with the nine then I close my eyes

    Play with the nine then I close my eyes

    5 days ago

    Old Nokia 3310 gained a huge reputation do its durability. But is it bulletproof?

  38. Tanner Overton

    Tanner Overton

    5 days ago

    matt what did we tell you about fingering dogs!

  39. Bob


    5 days ago

    Someone is over compensating

  40. Nick Rapela

    Nick Rapela

    5 days ago

    Anyone else think of old yeller whist watching this

  41. Robert Perry

    Robert Perry

    5 days ago

    Definitely need an update on creepy cooter

  42. benjamin childers

    benjamin childers

    5 days ago

    If only John wick had this

  43. Dan


    5 days ago

    Wait. They demonetized you? That's some nonsense.

  44. Koi Boi

    Koi Boi

    5 days ago

    the desert eagle bullet: *"ight ima bout head out"*

  45. _I_AM_SKITTLE_


    6 days ago

    Who would shoot a dog with a dessert eagel!!?

  46. 210 G00N

    210 G00N

    6 days ago

    Shoutout San Antonio

  47. Alex the pro team

    Alex the pro team

    6 days ago

    Should use 50 bmg on fluffy

  48. Lason Blackmon

    Lason Blackmon

    6 days ago

    POV of being the person filming him do this in the back of ur head ur thinking just shoot the dog already

  49. Kevin Morrison

    Kevin Morrison

    6 days ago

    Ar500 has a bulletproof backpack you should shoot

  50. Lucas Roberson

    Lucas Roberson

    6 days ago

    Demo:roll over Fluffy:DO A BARREL ROLL

  51. Josiah Stirewalt

    Josiah Stirewalt

    6 days ago

    i am bullet proof

  52. Josiah Stirewalt

    Josiah Stirewalt

    6 days ago


  53. Hooker


    6 days ago

    I wonder how that dog got the name Fluffer ? I can’t think of anything.

  54. Avery ApeHandz

    Avery ApeHandz

    6 days ago

    Helps a ton when the ATF wants to take your shit!



    6 days ago

    Nut cups for the military.

  56. Rachel Walker

    Rachel Walker

    6 days ago

    Shoot frying pans pleeeeaaaaaasssseeee

  57. Saxmaster Gaming

    Saxmaster Gaming

    6 days ago

    Perfect thing to put on your pet before you call the police

  58. Alejandro Reyes

    Alejandro Reyes

    6 days ago

    can you see through that sight or is there a blackness around the lens and you only see a small fov ?

    • Alejandro Reyes

      Alejandro Reyes

      6 days ago

      im asking about the socom 16 scope.

  59. James Smith

    James Smith

    6 days ago

    been looking to find ammo and i jumped on omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846

  60. discocrazy 2006

    discocrazy 2006

    6 days ago

    Whats up with the Kentucky ballistics shirt

  61. Trevar- The-Other

    Trevar- The-Other

    6 days ago

    Just have to appreciate the plush dog rolled over in the air with no repercussions

  62. Mark Hunter

    Mark Hunter

    6 days ago


  63. Ben H

    Ben H

    7 days ago

    Matt sell that shirt in other colors please! Id definitely buy a few of them lbs

  64. Ben H

    Ben H

    7 days ago

    yooo that shirt!!!

  65. Rüski


    7 days ago

    *matt becomes atf member*

  66. Benjamin Jensen

    Benjamin Jensen

    7 days ago

    Bullet proof tiressssss

  67. Kush T

    Kush T

    7 days ago

    What breed is demo? Lovely looking mastiff rottweiler mix but I'm guessing would like to know for sure

  68. ct hoffman

    ct hoffman

    7 days ago

    "what kind of sick doggy snuff film is this?!"

  69. Bloopy 07

    Bloopy 07

    7 days ago

    At 3:42 an adult man playing with a stuffed animal

  70. The Kingdom of Prussia

    The Kingdom of Prussia

    7 days ago

    alt title: i got body armor for my dog and im gonna shoot him and hope he doesnt die

  71. vi si

    vi si

    7 days ago


  72. Isaiah Nelson

    Isaiah Nelson

    7 days ago

    Ranch is life

  73. Noodle Badoodle

    Noodle Badoodle

    7 days ago

    What da dog doin ?

  74. Simon Nilsson

    Simon Nilsson

    7 days ago

    I hope he’s not the DEMO dog See what i did there?

  75. Preston Arnold

    Preston Arnold

    7 days ago

    hmmm yes peta will be knocking on your door fren

  76. agarrison


    7 days ago

    ^Shoots dog^

  77. Skin Is delicious

    Skin Is delicious

    7 days ago

    Alternative Title: Matt Tries ATF Training

  78. Ichigo izuku uzumaki

    Ichigo izuku uzumaki

    7 days ago

    10 mil lessgooooo

  79. Snowman 77

    Snowman 77

    7 days ago

    If an emp went off I don't think that brand new truck would run cause it relies on all the computers and electronics to run

  80. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob

    7 days ago

    Can you do how many pans it takes to stop your arsenal.

  81. SCDHL2.0


    7 days ago

    LoL - this was great, poor fluffy.

  82. Derp Cade

    Derp Cade

    7 days ago

    Alternate title: Roleplaying as an ATF Officer for 11 Minutes

  83. BigBoom518


    7 days ago

    Test the front plate😢

  84. Papa Crusader

    Papa Crusader

    7 days ago

    ATF simulator

  85. Fireman 8710

    Fireman 8710

    7 days ago

    Did anyone get scared at the thumbnail

  86. TornadoStormWolf


    7 days ago

    I thot he was gona shoot his sog lol

  87. Ian Ray

    Ian Ray

    7 days ago


  88. A Google User

    A Google User

    7 days ago

    Test a .50 cal barret on it

  89. CyberCanine


    7 days ago

    See this is exactly the kind of content Matt is perfect for. Guns? Crazy stuff? Veterinary Medicine?? He's the only guy I'd trust to do a test like this 💗

  90. Toby Monaghan-Gray

    Toby Monaghan-Gray

    7 days ago

    I fell asleep through a playlist and woke up to watch a dog getting shot and falling over. That’s a bad trip right there.

  91. trevor chance

    trevor chance

    8 days ago

    Why are your videos now being demonatised?

  92. Boxer Luke

    Boxer Luke

    8 days ago

    Was u in the army

  93. Cool videos and crap

    Cool videos and crap

    8 days ago

    Who would shoot a dog

  94. TheGoodHunter


    8 days ago

    atf training video

  95. Dio D

    Dio D

    8 days ago

    The 44 magnum kinda looks like the boltok from gears of war

  96. Ethan Fenstermacher

    Ethan Fenstermacher

    8 days ago

    Does this make anyone oddly uncomfortable to watch 😅

  97. DragonBolic


    8 days ago

    This is the best demo ranch video I’ve ever seen! Just because of the fact that you used a dummy, dog, and played with it makes it total gold for a video. Do more like this! Maybe even try to use body armor for a human and wrap it around other household pets or unusual animals that you shouldn’t have in captivity that could actually survive a 50 BMG. LOL!

  98. The Camo Gungnir Productions

    The Camo Gungnir Productions

    8 days ago

    Anyone notice the kentucky ballistics shirt he was wearing

  99. slav


    8 days ago

    Peta is not gonna mess with u

  100. Dragon Cat

    Dragon Cat

    8 days ago

    You can see the pain in the eyes of fluffy