Is an Elevator Cable Bulletproof?

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  1. Tom Ander

    Tom Ander

    3 hours ago

    we need to get Matt to buy a 700 nitro express.

  2. Mitchell King

    Mitchell King

    5 hours ago

    I want that coat in the beginning lol, that looked dope as hell. Do you have a link to where you got it or did you get it from an actual store?

  3. Fla-Mango


    5 hours ago

    Yeah a 9mm would probably not cut through that cable but like Mason JAR said with the tension it would probably brake with the heavier rounds

  4. Nightbird6


    7 hours ago

    Tension of the cable factors into this.

  5. Worthfire Fox

    Worthfire Fox

    7 hours ago

    9:43 he’s like a kid playing with his toy cars

  6. Bee Keegan

    Bee Keegan

    15 hours ago

    I love how to bullets still have the case on them

  7. draconas rayne

    draconas rayne

    15 hours ago

    think tension on the cable would've made a noticeable difference. a safe with bricks or concrete at the bottom trying to be lifted with a vehicle would've done that

  8. zunkwind


    18 hours ago

    Both that you condone the killing of elephants...right?

  9. zunkwind


    18 hours ago

    But it's Matrix bullets 🤷‍♂️

  10. mike strong

    mike strong

    19 hours ago

    you dont have any tension on that cable and not only that but in the movies they are shooting the pulley.

  11. Stalkeork HellSparkle

    Stalkeork HellSparkle

    22 hours ago

    Matrix is not real. W8 a minute.. )

  12. darkloquendification


    23 hours ago

    Next: Is Tsar Bomba Bulletproof?😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  13. Frozenfire


    Day ago

    The problem with this is that during an elevator case tension tends to pull the wire thus it is much easier to cut it.

  14. wesley mohaboe

    wesley mohaboe

    Day ago

    Matt, Just gone say this. You NEED a bigger rifle. Like a 20mm 👀

  15. Brooke Arnold

    Brooke Arnold

    Day ago

    Have you ever had to shoot or pull a gun on someone

  16. Mary Metzger

    Mary Metzger

    Day ago

    I love the intro I'm a big fan of the matrixs

  17. Azeem Ahamed

    Azeem Ahamed

    Day ago

    movies are lying quote of the century

  18. Dweamer


    Day ago

    The intro is like the matrix on low and I mean VERY low budget

  19. F11 Spikes

    F11 Spikes

    Day ago

    Cool dude🥇! Need heat and hyper fast power impact as no tension...👍 What the heck on earth with 01:20 bowling pin!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, i,m expecting 2 ruchnoy protivotankovy granatomyot drop falling on ground🤣🤣🤣 hillarious! Nice heat for the day dude!!👍👍👍👍👍

  20. Kirce Spirov

    Kirce Spirov

    Day ago

    maybe if its under tension it will snap... so you have to redo this? :D

  21. Lumina Pg3d

    Lumina Pg3d

    Day ago

    Where is 45 70. extreme penetrator round huh?

  22. Domnik Reinert

    Domnik Reinert

    Day ago

    Must have just watched The Boondock Saints. Murphy had a secret twin brother. 😂😂🤣

  23. Joe Magnifico

    Joe Magnifico

    Day ago

    Yu definitely need to put tension on that cabe i mean at least a lil bit

  24. Lane d Carrier

    Lane d Carrier

    Day ago

    He missed a great opportunity to drop the hot bullet in the intro

  25. R6 Master

    R6 Master

    2 days ago

    I work with these cables and they typically have 2 on normal elevators but just one of these cables can support more than the entire elevators weight ive seen these break at upwards of 260,000 pounds under tension

  26. D.A.D. Fabrication & Automotive

    D.A.D. Fabrication & Automotive

    2 days ago

    Not that I think a bullet would cut a cable, but I work on elevators a cable for a 20 story building would probably only be a third of the thickness of the one that you have. But it'll have typically atleast 4 if not more cables.

  27. Yasser Arichi

    Yasser Arichi

    2 days ago


  28. TheLakenorrellite


    2 days ago

    So what are the chances of you doing a video of some long range shooting with your rifles? Make it a multi episode mini series.

  29. Daniyal Ahmed

    Daniyal Ahmed

    2 days ago

    These cables are way way over designed. One of those strands can hold the weight of the elevator but still they twisted 7 of those together just in case. Not to mention, there's usually 3 such independent cables on a cab. No single bullet can break an elevator cable and drop it.

  30. Orppranator


    2 days ago

    Matt looking like Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons

  31. I’m space man

    I’m space man

    2 days ago

    Who else was recommended this Chanel with a caption for America

  32. Oreo Overseer

    Oreo Overseer

    2 days ago

    He is the one

  33. Artimus Protensor

    Artimus Protensor

    2 days ago

    I knew from the moment I saw the setup that people would be whining about the lack of tension. Thing is, unless you got a lot of the individual cable fibers to part, it wouldn't matter. Anything that people's lives depend on has to be made with a huge safety margin. I wouldn't be surprised if you could cut 2/3 or more of those fibers, maybe even as many as 4/5, before it would actually drop the car. That being the case, unless the round actually cuts at least half of the fibers in the cable, I would say it failed and that round isn't worth testing under tension.

  34. Nameless


    2 days ago

    The cable needs tension. If a material doesn’t have tension to it and it’s being shot, the kinetic force coming from the impact of the bullet allows the cable to move around since it has no tension and allows the kinetic energy from the impact to flow through the cable and transferring it through the object. If it had tension, the cable would have the kinetic energy from the impact of the bullet to transfer most of the energy to one area of the cable instead of allowing it to travel freely in the object. I believe so.

  35. CN


    2 days ago

    What is your golden 50 BMG go

  36. Daryl Meier

    Daryl Meier

    2 days ago

    wire rope > steel cable

  37. Legendary Lego Dude

    Legendary Lego Dude

    2 days ago

    10/10 intro

  38. Eric Santos

    Eric Santos

    2 days ago

    i believe weight of the elevator that hangs plays a big role. try hang something heavy

  39. Eric Santos

    Eric Santos

    2 days ago

    Here from Belize C.A love you channels

  40. Nathaniel Min

    Nathaniel Min

    2 days ago

    Mat trying to imitate the mastery of bullet curving from Wanted XD.

  41. Devils Wings

    Devils Wings

    2 days ago

    You forgot the sunglasses that´s why it didn´t snap with the 9mm.

  42. NX3


    2 days ago

    The matrix obviously calculates from damage values and not real physics lol

  43. bk the goat

    bk the goat

    2 days ago

    Try shotgun

  44. Marc Gabriele

    Marc Gabriele

    2 days ago

    0:24 my grandpa in Vietnam

    • V and P

      V and P

      2 days ago

      Lol hahahha

  45. Sergio Torres

    Sergio Torres

    2 days ago

    As an elevator mechanic in nyc , no elevator uses that thick ass cable 🤣 Usually the high rise cars will have 6 to 8 cables of a 5/8” steel

  46. Paul Passafiume

    Paul Passafiume

    2 days ago

    Take it easy man... put the trench coat down! The gun can stay tho lol

  47. Róbert Kiss

    Róbert Kiss

    2 days ago

    Mystery solved: The elevator was rigged at the bottom with a lot of explosives that's mass overwhelmed the cables and it couldn't hold the load and the bullet's hit was the last stressfactor to break it. Nothing to see here.

  48. Troy Pope

    Troy Pope

    2 days ago

    There is also a lot of tension on the cable

  49. Gino Cozza

    Gino Cozza

    2 days ago

    Bro my guy got the agency suppressor no stock on the Cold War mp5 XD

  50. DonShot Shorts

    DonShot Shorts

    3 days ago

    Just found out you’re a veterinarian.... now a mechanical engineer. Man, what can’t you do? 😂

  51. FangOxide


    3 days ago

    "sorry but the matrix is not real" thanks matt! I needed to hear that, couldn't have been better timed xD

  52. Crash335


    3 days ago

    didnt neo shoot the shakel that the cable was connected to????????????

  53. Brad Rewold

    Brad Rewold

    3 days ago

    *demo ranch formula* end with a .50

  54. FCM_Rxzer Highlights and stream Channel

    FCM_Rxzer Highlights and stream Channel

    3 days ago

    14:12 I literally thought that was a snakes body

  55. FCM_Rxzer Highlights and stream Channel

    FCM_Rxzer Highlights and stream Channel

    3 days ago

    His parents: “don’t play with guns son!” Him: “But I’m doing it safely”

  56. Shane Schlievert

    Shane Schlievert

    3 days ago

    Gotta love the matrix!😂🤣

  57. Jabber035


    3 days ago

    Oh special-effects in the beginning though 👌

  58. T


    3 days ago

    Columbine outfit

  59. Mitch Copeland

    Mitch Copeland

    3 days ago

    22 max lol you awesome bro

  60. Marcel T

    Marcel T

    3 days ago

    The intro 😂

  61. The Man

    The Man

    3 days ago

    Yeah... tensile stress would make a huge difference..

  62. Kobe richguy

    Kobe richguy

    3 days ago

    Gotta love the skit in the beginning

  63. Kobe richguy

    Kobe richguy

    3 days ago

    Gotta love the skit in the end

  64. Ben t

    Ben t

    3 days ago

    Now... if you were to attatch the cable to a steel plate with a bunch of weight on it to simulate the weight of an elevator...

  65. Sour Lemon

    Sour Lemon

    3 days ago

    I love elephants. :(

  66. Maurito


    3 days ago

    Not saying a 9mm could cut it, but you're not accounting for tension, that cable is taking the weight of an elevator and your test is just the cable hanging from a tree.

  67. Travis Taylor

    Travis Taylor

    3 days ago

    We're gonna need Matt if we ever have another revolution bc this man is a great shot.

  68. Sniper king 79

    Sniper king 79

    3 days ago

    The reason why it worked in the movie is because number one it’s a movie and Number two the cable was holding up a elevator which is pulling the cable which is making the middle weaker

  69. Skywalker slays younglings

    Skywalker slays younglings

    4 days ago

    The gun in the intro looks like the qq9 from cod

  70. Zyron Acain

    Zyron Acain

    4 days ago

    American vet shooting his toys

  71. Hard Ison

    Hard Ison

    4 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video from demo ranch where his gun is sighted in..

  72. Weirdvin


    4 days ago

    The intro❤️ you looked like the Matrix

  73. Vinh Hien Dang

    Vinh Hien Dang

    4 days ago

    Imagine that he actually hit a person at the beginning

  74. Domred24 kijak

    Domred24 kijak

    4 days ago

    I have a question where tf did he get the cable from

  75. Fireskullbro


    4 days ago

    The moment I hear 45-70 I got excited

  76. Sleepless


    4 days ago

    Okay two things to take into account, an elevator wired is meant to be strained by wait, while as your shooting it right now its loose and not strained, while in the movie its carrying a full elevator cart

  77. Lowsuit


    4 days ago

    In short: Yes

  78. Paul Zarate

    Paul Zarate

    4 days ago

    9:04 :o "uno mas"

  79. TurboVonCrim


    4 days ago

    Should of tried a 12 gauge 00 buckshot, smaller elevator cable, older movie just saying. :-)

  80. Frank Murphy

    Frank Murphy

    4 days ago

    Weld a chain hoist type thing to each end and tension it between two trees :)

  81. Mike Casper

    Mike Casper

    4 days ago

    Matt you gotta put a ton (or several) of weight on it. THEN shoot.

  82. Loyd Winans

    Loyd Winans

    4 days ago

    Columbine school shooting at the start lol

  83. Dalton c

    Dalton c

    4 days ago

    Was that cgi or with a slow motion camera?

  84. Sven The One

    Sven The One

    4 days ago

    dude, 300 win mag, honestly my favorite round, we got one at the farm i work at and even if i miss while shooting a cow, the wind from the second shot knocks it over xD

    • Sven The One

      Sven The One

      4 days ago

      Well either being tired as hell, or just the fact that I'm naturally shaky

    • Hard Ison

      Hard Ison

      4 days ago

      How do you miss a cow?



    4 days ago

    Wow I can't believe he dodged all those bullets

  86. Steven Majewski

    Steven Majewski

    4 days ago

    Needs to be under tension

  87. Carter Voll

    Carter Voll

    4 days ago

    Shout out for the camera man for never talking in any of the vids

  88. Liam rold

    Liam rold

    4 days ago

    Im still waiting for you to laugh after you said there is no reason to shoot further at at :(

  89. Turtl3PlayZ


    4 days ago

    Ok am I the only one who didn’t see matrix rather saw the Columbine shooter in your intro 😂



    4 days ago

    Great Video! Please challenge Call of duty crazy games mechanics, Drop shot getting a perfect headshot, slide and perfect aiming, please jump from a vehicle and try to hit the target. Please dont do this with the chopper.

  91. JIK


    4 days ago

    For a second I thought those CGI bullets were cookies 😁

  92. Disfunctional FPS

    Disfunctional FPS

    4 days ago


  93. Arturo Munoz

    Arturo Munoz

    4 days ago

    Don’t we need a elevator under the cable?

  94. Gaurav Pal

    Gaurav Pal

    4 days ago

    Shoots Tommy gun : Oh I missed. It's a Tommy gun, what do you expect?? 😂

  95. David Nix

    David Nix

    4 days ago

    They probably had the idea of hitting the bracket that was connected to the elevator and cable but u really cant see it in the scene but doubt that would work either !

  96. Lukas Johansen

    Lukas Johansen

    5 days ago

    I live in EU so I wouldn't care if an elevator cable is bulletproof or not but I am sure if I lived in America then I would probably care

  97. Alex K

    Alex K

    5 days ago

    Shoot it with the Sherman

  98. garry Sweet

    garry Sweet

    5 days ago

    The untidy bee recurrently bow because cheque curiously grin aboard a shy bracket. macabre, ready sort

  99. Pena Costinel

    Pena Costinel

    5 days ago

    You are the chosen one!