Is Kinetic Sand Bulletproof? Some Weird Stuff....

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    5 hours ago

    I like seeing the sand fly tho

  2. Tom Forrest

    Tom Forrest

    9 hours ago

    Matt, sight in your guns!

  3. stxpidmha_edits


    17 hours ago

    Matt in 600 years: *seeing if this new universe can survive hi-tech death rays*

  4. darkloquendification


    22 hours ago

    Ok Kinetic Sand inside Body Armor = God Mode 😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. April Matthews

    April Matthews

    Day ago

    oobleck be like:

  6. A M

    A M

    2 days ago

  7. Max Mueller

    Max Mueller

    2 days ago

    Holy shit!!! That was the best damn intro in the history of intros

  8. Deandre Broadie

    Deandre Broadie

    2 days ago

    Best intros on USgone 💪🏾💪🏾💥💥🔫

  9. Bryce Whykes

    Bryce Whykes

    2 days ago

    acting 100

  10. Andrew Nicholas

    Andrew Nicholas

    2 days ago

    That Roomba is a home security system

  11. Mitch Copeland

    Mitch Copeland

    3 days ago

    So what if you pack that sand in a mini van or something I wonder if it go thru with a 50 BMg

  12. Stawgs


    3 days ago

    Try body armor with this sand somehow

  13. oneeyedking3


    3 days ago

    You should really buy a pinpointer metal detector it would save you a lot of time looking for bullets.

  14. Tspace Baby

    Tspace Baby

    3 days ago

    Kinetic sand approved safe for children

  15. DrrrreeeederLOL3


    3 days ago

    Lol thatvroomba would be so stipid if it was some horror movie

  16. ChubbyWarfaree


    4 days ago

    Has shit tonnes of guns but goes for a fucking hammer

  17. RJ??


    4 days ago

    There is over a million grains of sand in a hand full which means there are trillions

  18. mistergreene2


    5 days ago

    chili ranch

  19. VoltageLP


    5 days ago

    They should use that sand inside the spaced armor lol

  20. James Clark

    James Clark

    5 days ago

    What about kentic sand in a vest?

  21. Dritree


    5 days ago

    You crazy American's! Put your eggs in the fridge...

  22. LeaveMeAlone 41

    LeaveMeAlone 41

    5 days ago

    black mirror intro

  23. Reinhard S

    Reinhard S

    6 days ago

    You so funny 😂

  24. Ch3kz42 Яма

    Ch3kz42 Яма

    6 days ago

    So Mat do you 420?



    6 days ago

    Gun roomba

  26. Just a Long Lived Noob

    Just a Long Lived Noob

    6 days ago

    A roombas with purge mode. I know that reference, better not call the customer service.

  27. Ideally Jekyl

    Ideally Jekyl

    7 days ago

    The Doomba

  28. Harlyn Decker

    Harlyn Decker

    7 days ago

    Yo I didn’t get any sand

  29. ct hoffman

    ct hoffman

    7 days ago

    i wonder if building cover would be better with regular sand bags or kinetic sand bags..

  30. Jason Wayne

    Jason Wayne

    7 days ago

    damn nice house

  31. Kiki Loop

    Kiki Loop

    7 days ago

    3:20 gun ASMR when?

  32. Mr. Magoo

    Mr. Magoo

    7 days ago

    The mini ak74 knife

  33. Nico Robbins

    Nico Robbins

    7 days ago

    Can u mail me some sand plz I live in NZ

  34. Nico Robbins

    Nico Robbins

    7 days ago

    U have shot kinetic sand so u should shoot magnetic sands

  35. Mercedes Fan TV

    Mercedes Fan TV

    7 days ago

    This intro is so great man

  36. Gu457


    7 days ago

    Just watched 14 minutes to answer this kinda dumb question… I love life

  37. wealteax


    7 days ago

    the sercred is that the boxes are bulletproof 😂😂

  38. LuckyWeed


    7 days ago

    You have to shoot at non-newton liquid

  39. Kaj


    7 days ago

    I mean they use sand bags and those stop bullets so why like this not stop it tho since its like more dense or something

  40. momslayer21


    8 days ago

    His intros hit harder than youtube shorts no cap

  41. thebigwarthog


    8 days ago

    This is why sandbags are used for ballistic protection.

  42. Jerri Steele

    Jerri Steele

    8 days ago

    I don't know who ripped off who. Love death and robots or him

  43. Izec Sanders

    Izec Sanders

    8 days ago

    love death and robots

  44. Jonathon Stump

    Jonathon Stump

    8 days ago

    Amazing. The brown kinetic sand packs densely, and is for making castles fyi

  45. Harry pilon

    Harry pilon

    9 days ago

    When he chopped the sand it was like asmr

  46. Ameerah Beckom

    Ameerah Beckom

    9 days ago

    my new favorite youtube channel

  47. Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom

    Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom

    9 days ago

    That is the loudest roomba that has ever existed

  48. Rob Carter

    Rob Carter

    9 days ago

    I'd like to see more 338 rounds shot

  49. Aren Sereathy

    Aren Sereathy

    9 days ago

    So if someone shoots up wall mart run for the kinetic sand and not sporting goods got it!

  50. Tres Torres Ranch

    Tres Torres Ranch

    9 days ago

    Have you ever thought about using baby wipes.... I think it might surprise you...

  51. GanX


    10 days ago

    Are we going to talk about how the start of this video is basically "Love Death and Robots" season 2 episode 1 xD ?

  52. 6funny


    10 days ago

    Get regular 3A armor and pack the excess room with kinetic sand and you’ll survive probably

  53. Ryan Kearney

    Ryan Kearney

    10 days ago

    How the HELL did that .50 Beowulf break EVERY lid ???? that has to be redonkulous long odds to make that shot. Like, couldn't repeat it if you were trying for a week solid.

  54. Daniel Wall

    Daniel Wall

    10 days ago

    Great intro🤣🤣

  55. Teni Somefun

    Teni Somefun

    10 days ago

    Test ooblek!!



    10 days ago

    lol , lay off the ketamine.

  57. floofy cupkim 119

    floofy cupkim 119

    10 days ago

    Kinetic sand is durable

  58. B Witness

    B Witness

    11 days ago

    I have a request. If you could somehow place a nice amount of kinetic sand in-between a ballistic gel. It would would be really nice.

  59. B Witness

    B Witness

    11 days ago

    Enter the sandman.

  60. Alisha Jendral

    Alisha Jendral

    11 days ago

    Why do we justify these machines.....I even own😔

  61. Seth Hall

    Seth Hall

    11 days ago

    He went out with a bang 🕳️🔫😯😵

  62. warc8us


    11 days ago

    Damn, so if you need to build sandbags for fortification, you should use kinetic sand. Who knew.

  63. MrMinker


    11 days ago

    When you give a kid his kinetic sand:why is there a bullet in my sand?

  64. Jame


    11 days ago

    I don’t remember seeing a video of Matt shooting “oobleck”... if he has, please let me know. If not, I’d definitely like to see that in a video. You can make a ton of it as long as you have corn starch & water. It’s a non-Newtonian fluid (it acts as a solid when it’s hit with force, but acts as a liquid when touched with little to no force) as is the kinetic sand, but anyone with kids can tell you that the “oobleck” is much stronger (at least when hit with force) than the kinetic sand is. And, you can make is more or less viscous by adding either more water or more corn starch, which would make it even more interesting to see.

  65. Graeme Pennell

    Graeme Pennell

    12 days ago

    Why didn't you shoot it lengthways? Consider to use a large cardboard box, duct tape the sides/edges for support and fill it with the sand instead.

  66. 卂丂匚卄乇尺卂卄


    12 days ago

    Love, Death and Robots Flashbacks :O

  67. João Vitor

    João Vitor

    12 days ago

    Have you tested if non Newtonian fluids are?

  68. ExotiCč ZzZ

    ExotiCč ZzZ

    12 days ago

    Try oobleck

  69. John Wolf

    John Wolf

    13 days ago

    Not water.. silicone and sand. Store-bought Kinetic Sand is made from fine sand and polydimethylsiloxane (also called dimethicone). It's an unusual substance in that its viscosity increases under stress.

  70. Wagall Lynkx

    Wagall Lynkx

    13 days ago

    Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek !

  71. Conix316


    13 days ago

    the intro just fits 6 times into the rest wich is not that much but the intro is long

  72. Marek Adamiec

    Marek Adamiec

    14 days ago

    first terminator T-1

  73. MiKe MIK{MG}

    MiKe MIK{MG}

    14 days ago

    ok how about making kenitic sand body armor ???????????

  74. Richy0326


    14 days ago

    That 50 bmg hit was absolutely beautiful.

  75. YouTube Support

    YouTube Support

    14 days ago

    Shoot oobleck

  76. Andrew Sepulveda

    Andrew Sepulveda

    14 days ago

    Nice intro rumba noooo I am ur daddy I loved uu

  77. CarpetRaider 007

    CarpetRaider 007

    14 days ago

    How hot are you

  78. Definitely not a birb

    Definitely not a birb

    14 days ago

    He has the weirdest intros but they are the best

  79. Rattlesnake_productions


    14 days ago


  80. Destructor XI

    Destructor XI

    14 days ago

    That knife looks like a Boeker aks-74 stubby Swiss edition

  81. DogTag93


    15 days ago

    Is nobody going to talk about dropping a hammer on that wood floor?

  82. Bryan Nicholes

    Bryan Nicholes

    15 days ago

    The judicious helicopter tribally travel because product immunophenotypically rejoice circa a nostalgic show. average, abundant door

  83. Joezonyt


    15 days ago

    how is the ranch puddle doing

  84. Kentucky Life

    Kentucky Life

    15 days ago

    Lmafo noice

  85. Heidi Krone

    Heidi Krone

    16 days ago

    Funny shit Lmwao!!!

  86. UnFunny Content

    UnFunny Content

    16 days ago

    Jeff the evil rob a has returned

  87. Somnorila


    16 days ago

    Imagine how pissed some people are going to be when they don't get their grain of sand with their purchase...

  88. Somnorila


    16 days ago

    Maybe next time use plastic or hessian sacks instead of plastic containers. Or some simple plastic bags. No lids required, just tie them up. By the way, when i was little i heard a story that i can't be completely sure from my uncle from his army time that they had some bullet penetration presentation where they shoot an AK at a concrete block and it puncture it and then they shoot at a sack full with unprocessed wool and the bullet got captured in it. And because of its spinning motion it turned up like a yarn ball.

  89. 5cars - scars

    5cars - scars

    16 days ago

    "Incase it gets really dark all of a sudden"😅😅got me rollin

  90. chase Northcutt

    chase Northcutt

    16 days ago

    Who filmed him

  91. Mr. Ree!

    Mr. Ree!

    16 days ago

    Get him to 10 million!!

  92. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    17 days ago

    You should have put the sand in sand bags, and made a sand barrier.

  93. Matthew Summers

    Matthew Summers

    17 days ago

    fill it in a car door and see if it makes the car bullet proof

  94. The laggiest gamer

    The laggiest gamer

    17 days ago

    Somebody needs to say it. When the Roomba is sus

  95. xog zx

    xog zx

    18 days ago

    Buy a 16th centry musket or pirate gun

  96. xog zx

    xog zx

    18 days ago

    Dude if you jumped you could be allive

  97. brody miller

    brody miller

    18 days ago

    Has hundreds of guns him:(gets hammer)

  98. Darth Father

    Darth Father

    18 days ago

    EZ kill vs the Sandman with a Barrett and some impact ammunition... xDDD

  99. Thermite


    18 days ago

    The neww doomba looks so cool

  100. Obsidian-Editz


    18 days ago

    Hear me out. Get 2 thin 12” x 12” ar500 steel plates make an armour panel like 4” wide fill with Kinetic sand and see what will go through