Suppressed MP5 Shooting Cutting Boards!!!

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  1. Pink Bunchan

    Pink Bunchan

    42 minutes ago

    Shitty Chinese media does love the word “cultivate.@

  2. lol


    2 hours ago

    Wait 7:01....?

  3. nig a

    nig a

    3 hours ago

    Would that make it...sole food...

  4. ren claude

    ren claude

    3 hours ago

    Wow.. How they get those guns with fun switch? Is it legal there? 😲 And I see a gold plated AK there on the table.. Why not shoot that one too? 🤤

  5. Sam Alkattan

    Sam Alkattan

    4 hours ago

    What happened to that guy?

    • Seed Inc

      Seed Inc

      2 hours ago

      If you're asking about crispy,When he was in the military his vehicle got hit with an IED so he lost his right leg and was severely burned

  6. робикс


    5 hours ago


  7. BoscoBob


    5 hours ago

    Have you ever tried to see if there is any difference between targets with air gaps (like these) versus targets pressed together? My *_GUESS_* is that the air gap targets offer better protection than the monolithic target.

  8. Jayden Barrientos

    Jayden Barrientos

    5 hours ago

    I didnt know who Crispy was. After searching him up and reading his story, I have the upmost respect for this man. Thank you for your service! A true hero💯

  9. Frogletz


    6 hours ago

    That one dude in fortnite with the suppressed smg spraying through my walls: Mat: HEY THATS ME!

  10. Rufus


    8 hours ago

    i would commit genocide for an mp5sd

  11. WROSE


    9 hours ago

    Minigun be like - ma kids will do that

  12. Courtney Mayher

    Courtney Mayher

    9 hours ago

    I needed a new cutting board and really like the bamboo boards. I went to every local store and they were all sold out =/

  13. Luke Andersh

    Luke Andersh

    9 hours ago

    I said 14 too lol for the 556 as my guess



    12 hours ago

    I'm A COMEDIAN On USgone !!!! "Hood Justice Part 15 " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Like #Share #Subscribe !!!!

  15. Isaak Beck

    Isaak Beck

    12 hours ago

    I sure do hope that someone picks up that phone because he called it

  16. Max Giroux Productions

    Max Giroux Productions

    12 hours ago

    full auto is cool and all, but your groupings suck.

  17. Fugettaboutit


    14 hours ago

    Bamboo is a really tough wood, especially with being so light. If you've ever tried to cut it, you'd probably be surprised at first.

  18. That Man D

    That Man D

    14 hours ago

    5:13 *Gives it the good ole slap Me: *distinct moan in the background

  19. Drake Hanson

    Drake Hanson

    14 hours ago

    crispy's humvee got fucking yeeted by a 200lb IED and got burned by a gasoline fire from his humvee

  20. Дмитрий Кондрашев

    Дмитрий Кондрашев

    14 hours ago


  21. Puffer .-

    Puffer .-

    15 hours ago


  22. Yasser Arichi

    Yasser Arichi

    15 hours ago

    Can i get thet demolitia shirt as agift ?

  23. Yasser Arichi

    Yasser Arichi

    15 hours ago

    Omg look at all of these gains wasting gains we need these gains

  24. Shadow Banned

    Shadow Banned

    16 hours ago

    That MP5 would be my gun of choice for home defense sweet weapon.

  25. Terry Davis

    Terry Davis

    16 hours ago

    I'm gonna make me a bamboo SUV.

  26. Alfonzo Zaragosa

    Alfonzo Zaragosa

    17 hours ago

    That foot knife 😂😂😂

  27. SD fishing Duke

    SD fishing Duke

    17 hours ago

    Demo please don’t cuss

  28. Sebastian Jendrysik

    Sebastian Jendrysik

    17 hours ago

    Wasting so much food

  29. bigpapadrew


    17 hours ago

    what happened to cripsy's left hand... or do you not ask?

  30. Cloud 9

    Cloud 9

    17 hours ago

    Him shooting the 50cal at the boards: BOOM Me sitting on my couch audibly yelling: Holy Shit! Me on the inside: I knew I liked Crispy

  31. dustcommander100


    18 hours ago

    Wonderful video! Glad to see Mr. Crispy!

  32. Rudyr W

    Rudyr W

    18 hours ago

    When ak-50????

  33. Nestor game

    Nestor game

    19 hours ago

    Будет видео со всеми пушками ранчо?

  34. Chris Organic

    Chris Organic

    19 hours ago

    Who else rubbed their eyes at 10:01?

  35. Phil


    19 hours ago

    Best 50 cal shot. Literally a flying camp fire. Nice work. We need Crispy to bring this kind of magic every time.

  36. Manish Rajbhar

    Manish Rajbhar

    19 hours ago

    Hin bro your All video is very nic

  37. El Duck

    El Duck

    20 hours ago

    Chinese bamboo tank confirmed

  38. Сибирские Сюжеты

    Сибирские Сюжеты

    21 hour ago

    Hi. Cool video but if you put bamboo boards through one, so that the fibers overlap and squeeze them tighter, the result will be even steeper) from Siberia with respect!

  39. anthony bertino

    anthony bertino

    22 hours ago

    I feel as if you had no gaps in between It may even stop better that with the added air space but who knows



    23 hours ago

    Please Don't waste food

  41. Ashley Burris

    Ashley Burris

    Day ago

    is cookie dough bullet proof?

  42. Алексей Бажанов

    Алексей Бажанов

    Day ago

    Hi!!! Привет из России! Мэт, на досуге попробуй сделать броню из шариков от подшипника. Насыпать шариков между двумя стальными пластинами.

  43. unknown.


    Day ago

    Just read what he did, man this guy went through more than most of us could imagine and he came out with a positive outlook on life and has good humor about it. Good to see them both having fun

  44. Алексей Н

    Алексей Н

    Day ago

    Hello from Russia, I always watch your videos with Zebra's translation. I thought ... not honestly how it turns out ... that I was not subscribed to you. now I have corrected =). Thank you and your great friends who come to visit you, to your videos.

  45. Андрей Горбов

    Андрей Горбов

    Day ago

    Привет с россии спасибо зебре

  46. Paksha Sanya

    Paksha Sanya

    Day ago

    Пришел от Зебры С ТЕБЯ ЛАЙКОС))

  47. Christiån Kirkenes

    Christiån Kirkenes

    Day ago

    It's not the Bamboo, it's the resin and the layering of the bamboo sheets

  48. HUKI


    Day ago

    what if the wood is stackt together? would it be more or less??

  49. George Kazen

    George Kazen

    Day ago

    Games ? Your killing me , not in a good way 😎

  50. Рëфу Хойсен

    Рëфу Хойсен

    Day ago


  51. Richard Fitzwel

    Richard Fitzwel

    Day ago

    That mp5 is ridiculous

  52. Daniel Flannery

    Daniel Flannery

    Day ago


  53. Nick W

    Nick W

    Day ago

    Men like crispy are my heros, any man who has endured all that for our freedom, will always be my hero!! Thank you anyone who has served!

  54. The Gentrified Gentleman

    The Gentrified Gentleman

    Day ago

    Big white fella in full body black face? Thought nobody would notice? Come on mane! White supremacy is a muh fvcka! Chuckles!

  55. Preußenpenner


    Day ago

    5:48 a proof of how good the integral surpressor of the MP5SD is : Matt forgot to put on his hearing protection and didn't even notice it.

  56. OTempest


    Day ago

    That was the best intro ever

  57. floppybikes


    Day ago

    Bamboo pykrete should be next

  58. Benjamin Major

    Benjamin Major

    Day ago

    02:52 for the content

  59. XxAizxX


    Day ago

    This seems like an anime refence of some sort I just...cant...quiet put a knife on it

  60. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Day ago

    *Sees title **Rushia quaking in the distance

  61. Alexander Gregorov

    Alexander Gregorov

    Day ago

    I need help stopping people from keeping out of the military, can you help me stop them???

  62. ImSo EBK

    ImSo EBK

    Day ago

    i wanna see the bloopers for this🤣

    • ImSo EBK

      ImSo EBK

      Day ago

      when i say “this” i mean the intro specifically 😂😂

  63. Caleb Ligon

    Caleb Ligon

    Day ago

    will you shoot different types of wood ranging from least to most hard, ending with lignum Vitae or verawood

  64. First name Last name

    First name Last name

    Day ago

    \_____Shoot a big ball of cheewed buble Gumm ______/

  65. Life of a Fat Man

    Life of a Fat Man

    Day ago

    Now I see where the ammo shortage originated

  66. Rod Nicholson

    Rod Nicholson

    Day ago

    Love your show ever bullet proof ceramic floor tiles ,think that would be cool to see

  67. Jimmy Harris

    Jimmy Harris

    Day ago

    I kinda want to see if no gap between them matters.. seems like it would. in a "real life" situation.

  68. Maxid1


    Day ago

    It's clearly not the bamboo that's stopping the rounds, it's the shrink wrap.

  69. Nuclear Tape

    Nuclear Tape

    Day ago

    What is with that mans shooting finger.

  70. Lunar Styles Ramon

    Lunar Styles Ramon

    Day ago

    Class setup: Monolithic barrel Merc foregrip 5mw Lazer Sleight of hand 45 round mag

  71. Dominik Chomont

    Dominik Chomont

    Day ago

    9:10 I wander what you were aiming for 😆 🤣

  72. NoConnection


    Day ago

    He has the best intros 🤣

  73. lukey dukey

    lukey dukey

    Day ago

    One of my most favorite guns that ill never have

  74. theweakbeast


    Day ago

    i would give both my testicles and more for that gun

  75. Fidozo15


    Day ago

    12:30 Matt: Fire in the hole! Crispy: Fire in da hoe!

  76. zero zer0

    zero zer0

    Day ago

    1:08 pov: your watching me trying to cook

  77. Sky Gamer11560

    Sky Gamer11560

    Day ago

    How did crispy get those fun switch rifles

  78. Lego King

    Lego King

    Day ago

    Look at those shells though

  79. jonathan graham

    jonathan graham

    Day ago

    Can't believe they didnt try shooting a slap round at it.

  80. ShinjiImpulseRS


    Day ago

    hmmm the samurai were onto something!

  81. pezzonovante888


    Day ago

    Lesson: Bamboo cutting boards are entertaining to shoot.

  82. Rafyax


    Day ago

    That's cool and all but all the brake lines under the car are exposed so anyone could go under and cut them, or well, anything going under the car really



    Day ago

    As a Chef, the intro hurts me in a WHOLE new way....

  84. Lettuce


    Day ago

    2:49 youre welcome :)

  85. nintendians


    Day ago

    i guess those cutting board are quite strong.

  86. Kai Horn

    Kai Horn

    Day ago

    0:39 ok im not messing with him

  87. Artur Kushukov

    Artur Kushukov

    Day ago

    Guys, please don't make jokes about 420, remember what ATF did to FPSRussia? Please stay safe.

  88. HomemMacaco


    Day ago

    Silenciosa e mortal meus amigos...

  89. Press Playboy

    Press Playboy

    Day ago


  90. Lumina Pg3d

    Lumina Pg3d

    Day ago

    Where us gordon ramsay in the video?

  91. Bryan Gallacher

    Bryan Gallacher

    Day ago

    Haha, best intro ever awards goes to....

  92. B Ambo

    B Ambo

    Day ago

    2:46 to skip straight to the "meat" ^^

  93. Primary Antagonist

    Primary Antagonist

    Day ago

    The amount of takes that intro must have taken, just to keep a straight face. 🤣

  94. Taylor Taylor

    Taylor Taylor

    2 days ago

    I wanna know crispys story... gotta be a military man.

  95. Jr Flores

    Jr Flores

    2 days ago

    How does crispy buy full automatic guns. But hasn't bought a beret? Serious question lol

  96. Daniyal Ahmed

    Daniyal Ahmed

    2 days ago

    What's with the dudes arms and that elephant body?

  97. Courtney Pattison

    Courtney Pattison

    2 days ago

    single handedly the reason I got by gun license, to bad Canada SUCKS goats balls. MP5 for the win

  98. John Smith

    John Smith

    2 days ago

    You gotta invest in a 20mm Barrett

  99. Joe Mcdunna

    Joe Mcdunna

    2 days ago

    someone hook crispy up with a 50