Surprising Results With Full Oxygen Tanks...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
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  1. DemolitionRanch


    23 days ago

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    • James Smith

      James Smith

      6 days ago

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    • madaxe79


      8 days ago

      Dude, do you really trust this shit?

    • Basian


      9 days ago

      hey, im a scuba diver so yeah, i know pretty well what those tanks can do. sure, its not completely the same since scuba divers almost always use pressurized AIR tanks and not oxygen tanks, but still... 200 bars of air in a tank can be really dangerous if the tank is badly damage, it really shoots the aluminum tank away like a rocket straight through walls...

    • Daniel Garrido

      Daniel Garrido

      9 days ago

      This video will explain to you why the whole was so big. The combination of liquid oxygen and metal is rather aggressive!

  2. Jian Qin Goh

    Jian Qin Goh

    3 hours ago

    ok i was wrong sorry

  3. Jian Qin Goh

    Jian Qin Goh

    3 hours ago

    i think the air is probably not pressurized

  4. Jack Clark

    Jack Clark

    6 hours ago

    you started with a perfect hole going in, the oxygen burned the metal away evenly on all sides at the same time, that's why it still looks so good.

  5. True Patriot's

    True Patriot's

    7 hours ago

    So fricking cool dude

  6. bamakiddemon


    7 hours ago

    i would be scared to get hit by that APIT round in the barret

  7. Friday Californiaa

    Friday Californiaa

    7 hours ago

    Oxygen : still not flammable ...but makes other things easier to burn... like some metal that was hit by a fucking hot tracer

  8. T Simmons

    T Simmons

    10 hours ago

    Big Propylene tank

  9. TiaraPoodles


    12 hours ago

    Loved the hawk agreeing with you at the end!

  10. Taylor Redmond

    Taylor Redmond

    12 hours ago

    I wanna see this without the puddle of water! I would like to see if the hole could get any bigger if it wasn’t put out, or if when the hole is that big is there not enough pressure? Super cool exoeriment

  11. Peterbilt Pilot

    Peterbilt Pilot

    14 hours ago

    Dumb question: Why did the oxygen (used for cutting steel with torches) melt the steel when ignited?

  12. Tyler Czifra

    Tyler Czifra

    14 hours ago

    I like when you said science ranch

  13. Connor Riley

    Connor Riley

    14 hours ago

    Oxygen is not flamable. When using a cutting torch you heat steel up to a critical temperature and when you hit the oxygen it oxidizes the steel into iron oxide rapidly creating more heat. I'm sure the jobs can only get so large before the rapidly boiling/evaporating O2 cools it enough to overcome the heat created in the oxidation. That was NOT what I was expecting to see at all but SUPER cool

  14. Dennis Mulligan

    Dennis Mulligan

    15 hours ago

    That's awesome I wonder if you shot at the valve what would happen?

  15. Cody Durfee

    Cody Durfee

    16 hours ago

    The apit and big tank, blew the fuck up!!!!!

  16. Cody Durfee

    Cody Durfee

    16 hours ago

    The fire was so hot it broke the straps

  17. DabGod


    17 hours ago

    Just an Idea a train or a tank exploding

  18. birthday suit

    birthday suit

    18 hours ago

    When the world has an oxygen Crisis... this seems very American.

  19. Josh Cunningham

    Josh Cunningham

    19 hours ago

    Should have shot the top off it the flames would have went straight up lol

  20. randomboy


    20 hours ago

    8:17 that's what she said

  21. aaron koh

    aaron koh

    22 hours ago

    So when’s the propane tank demo? 🙄😂

  22. Equinox TB

    Equinox TB

    23 hours ago

    Acetylene next

  23. Rachel Furnival

    Rachel Furnival

    Day ago


  24. Frederik Miller

    Frederik Miller

    Day ago

    now for the moment we are all waiting for.... shoot a bottle of jet fuel attached to an I-beam lol

  25. Esoteric Jay

    Esoteric Jay

    Day ago

    @Sparthan Kitty why cant i respond to you it was going to say @Sparthan Kitty you're exactly right.. it would take def take allot of big and moving fast AF API rounds..(silver tips) IT'D TAKE QUITE A FEW of those OR maybe MAGS OF em the same type MINIMUM, PROBLABLY TAKE SILVER TIPS FROM A BARRETT to get thru that tank "quickly".. I'll See if they use one In the end of the vid.. they prob do.. I'm still at 8 and a half mins while type this, might change a few things after watching the whole vid lolollolool

  26. Esoteric Jay

    Esoteric Jay

    Day ago

    @6:45 that's my favorite looking 12 guage you own. I love that cheese-grader look on it.

  27. TheCodyCZ


    Day ago

    Try to communicate with TheSlowMoGuys to try to capture this in 10000+ FPS, it would be awesome to see it in real SlowMo :D

  28. elias demilde

    elias demilde

    Day ago

    hey Matt I've been watching ur videos from the start I think anywhere around 2012. There's one pistol I've seen 4 years ago and I want u to shoot it so bad. It's my absolute favorite pistol. It's the FN 57, do u still own it? and so could u use it again in one of your video's? as always great videos my man!!

  29. Baz


    Day ago

    14:18 Well shit

  30. Jayden Oates

    Jayden Oates

    Day ago

    Do propane tank

  31. T Bag

    T Bag

    Day ago

    See what happens with a liquid oxygen tank!?

  32. some 1

    some 1

    Day ago

    I exploded a co2 airsoft cartridge, it sounded like a gunshot, man if there was co2 in that tank it would have exploded into pieces.

  33. Joshua Mount

    Joshua Mount

    Day ago

    Nitrogen tanks please!

  34. Adam Green

    Adam Green

    Day ago

    can you shoot a calor gas bottle or welding gas bottle?

  35. Ramon Hardesty

    Ramon Hardesty

    Day ago

    Why not trying the .454 Csal ?

  36. Jack Lawless

    Jack Lawless

    Day ago

    BMW=commie 😭

  37. Bryan Gallacher

    Bryan Gallacher

    Day ago

    I don't think shooting the tank, then going down to check it, is the way forward my guy. lol

  38. SJ MAD

    SJ MAD

    2 days ago

    Always wondered what would happen with this. Too cool!

  39. Matt Evan

    Matt Evan

    2 days ago

    I love the rain after the bullet hits the puddle

  40. Epikness_


    2 days ago


  41. Josh O'Reilly

    Josh O'Reilly

    2 days ago

    Put one in a car or trailer 😳

  42. Cole bear

    Cole bear

    2 days ago

    i mean fluorine is about as crazy as it gets....

  43. Mack McNeely

    Mack McNeely

    2 days ago

    start with propane, then do hydrogen.

  44. Rickey Word

    Rickey Word

    2 days ago

    How much you wanna sell that corvette for 😂

  45. damion godfrey

    damion godfrey

    2 days ago

    We used to have barrels of methanol for our garage that I'd always thought would be fun to shoot. Acetylene is a fun one too

  46. Scott Gauer

    Scott Gauer

    2 days ago

    This is a really nice demonstration of promoted combustion of metal in GOx with a threshold ignition energy

  47. DeAndre Corder

    DeAndre Corder

    2 days ago

    " I wanted to make sure my house is safe" Matt, you have GUNS.

  48. BluezZ


    2 days ago

    oxygen is an oxidizer, contrary to popular belief it isn't flammable, rather it oxidizes already ongoing fires, making them burn hotter and faster

  49. Carrie Dragg

    Carrie Dragg

    2 days ago

    Try argon tanks



    2 days ago

    No, that's not a man whose head is on's Goku...

  51. Rich Hard

    Rich Hard

    2 days ago


  52. Jeremy Carlson

    Jeremy Carlson

    2 days ago

    00.02 dad bod

  53. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    2 days ago

    Shoot some plutonium with some other plutonium

  54. ben hitchcock

    ben hitchcock

    2 days ago

    Co2 tank??

  55. Rigging137


    2 days ago

    Should of been a Busch light instead of a white claw.

  56. Matt Caldwell

    Matt Caldwell

    2 days ago

    we can easily see the spray on the first .338 round. the tank was NOT empty, are you blind?

  57. IronLove


    3 days ago

    "Wow, that was scary!" "Yeah, very scary. But what we do now?" "Shoot a bigger tank with a bigger gun..."

  58. Jered Kauffman

    Jered Kauffman

    3 days ago

    u also got curious kids man. they could of opened it and got scarred and ran.

  59. T-90 Vladimir

    T-90 Vladimir

    3 days ago

    In the future, archeologists will find all the fired ammo lying around the ranch, and erect a plaque memorizing "Possibly the biggest battle in American history, based on the amount of rounda fired".

  60. Metal gear Slayer 98

    Metal gear Slayer 98

    3 days ago

    Why did you fill those steel pipes with concrete cause concrete can EXPLODE at high temperatures

  61. Car Guy

    Car Guy

    3 days ago

    that intro is legit my dad

  62. empireoflizards


    3 days ago

    Metals can be extraordinarily flammable in a pure oxygen environment!

  63. Nicky Chops

    Nicky Chops

    3 days ago


  64. Peter Merkin

    Peter Merkin

    3 days ago

    That Armalite though

  65. Rodney Barnett

    Rodney Barnett

    3 days ago

    Jet fuel

  66. shanellstamps


    3 days ago

    Just DAAAAAAMN!!!!😱😱😱🤪😬

  67. Bushman-215


    3 days ago

    You got lil feet ,for a man your size. Lol just saying. Great video, though.

  68. Alex Walling

    Alex Walling

    3 days ago

    Propane? (.50 bmg 100 yards out)

  69. shane miller

    shane miller

    4 days ago

    White claw, I'm out!

  70. Joe Lee

    Joe Lee

    4 days ago

    The even excellent excited throne surely describe because ethernet cytopathologically smile notwithstanding a depressed edger. befitting, husky bucket



    4 days ago

    please shoote an acetylene next

  72. Andre Templer

    Andre Templer

    4 days ago

    It's really odd to watch from Germany how you approach the tanks after every time the bullet doesn't go through! Hope authorities here see this once to plans their edges a little and give them a proper reference so they maybe rethink their concept a little! lol Here u need a special reason to own a gun witch will be reviewed thoroughly and regularly. Only something like you're a state attorney AND you are under a verifiable threat. Or a Woman who's under a verifiable threat from a stalker who is a certified killer and so on.. And of course cops and other policing personnel down to security but only if it's verifiable that it's a really viable, precious and worthwhile thing you watch out for. So if you're a security guy watching a market at night you'll never get one. Then when you in the end really get a permit they have to verify the gun, so you can't just get a .50 cal or a shotgun or something but maybe a 9mm or .25 lr with 100 different saves on it and after a full shooting course you have to pay for yourself as well as a full weapons use course especially for your gun type. Madness people, Madness!!!!!

  73. Bob Thebuilder

    Bob Thebuilder

    4 days ago

    It looks like the heart of a dying star!!

  74. FrostBlg


    4 days ago

    You damn crazy bro, but we all love that !

  75. lethal death143

    lethal death143

    4 days ago

    Shoot acetylene

  76. Chase Robertson

    Chase Robertson

    4 days ago

    Whitelaw ha

  77. oneeyedking3


    4 days ago

    Wait he's a veterinarian too? That's pretty cool!

  78. Navy the SilkWing

    Navy the SilkWing

    4 days ago

    The only guy who displays the stuff from SimpliSafe sponsorships is the guy who owns the entire us arsenal of weapons

  79. Twan Luijten

    Twan Luijten

    4 days ago

    might be fun to know that it's actually the metal that is burning in the presence of a super-strong oxidiser(being liquid oxygen)

  80. Slav King

    Slav King

    4 days ago


  81. Brian Deines

    Brian Deines

    4 days ago

    what are those bikes? they look super cool.

    • Brian Deines

      Brian Deines

      4 days ago

      also oxygen is not flammable.... if it is why use acetylene ?

  82. Brian Deines

    Brian Deines

    4 days ago

    Try upside down and shoot the valve off, measure altitude and speed. I would but I don't need anything falling into the neighbors house or on granny's head

  83. Sid Vicus

    Sid Vicus

    4 days ago

    You are the perfect antidote to covid. THANKS!

  84. Poppa Ganja

    Poppa Ganja

    4 days ago

    U gotta shoot the top next time

  85. Lifekhan


    5 days ago

    Try to explode methane in the middle of a lake. That would be really interesting🔥

  86. Taylor Ramsay (TaylorJRamsay)

    Taylor Ramsay (TaylorJRamsay)

    5 days ago


  87. tworedbullz


    5 days ago

    cs gas. big one

  88. Malachi Bozikis

    Malachi Bozikis

    5 days ago

    Helium tanks next

  89. John Williamson

    John Williamson

    5 days ago

    Good shootin there Leroy 👏 Shouldve went straight for the .338. You could blow up a 700 lb propane tank!

  90. Chester Auble

    Chester Auble

    5 days ago

    I bought the Simplisafe and it is awesome!!! There is nothing better

  91. iliekfish


    5 days ago

    That mini mosin is so cute :D

  92. Chester Auble

    Chester Auble

    5 days ago

    Freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Modern Survival Sense

    Modern Survival Sense

    5 days ago

    Alright... Shoot a green LOX bottle.

  94. Thomas Lopez

    Thomas Lopez

    5 days ago

    I must appreciate the accuracy.

  95. Gunner Howard

    Gunner Howard

    5 days ago

    Shoot spray paint it will blow up I did it and with a lighter

  96. Gareth Blake

    Gareth Blake

    5 days ago

    Very similar to a thermic lance which l have seen being use to cut through cast concrete very effectively.

  97. Robert Hill

    Robert Hill

    5 days ago

    Bad ass.... do all the different tank in tge back of vans

  98. Robert Hill

    Robert Hill

    5 days ago

    500 gallon propane!!!!!!

  99. Synthetic Chicken

    Synthetic Chicken

    5 days ago

    Get some big industrial sized chemical storage containers (empty) put some oxy-acetylene in it and shoot them, good fun, trust me

  100. Q


    5 days ago

    Shoot a propane tank next