The Whistlin' Diesel Incident...

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  1. stxpidmha_edits


    11 hours ago

    The "Whistln' Diesel" Incident. February 3 2021.

  2. Andrew Hazelet

    Andrew Hazelet

    Day ago


  3. Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy

    Day ago

    shit, fly me over from Australia and I'll pull the trigger for you💯👌 that's what hospital's are for ain't they😆

  4. Roger H

    Roger H

    Day ago

    Dimples should increase chances for shrapnel to the head

  5. Le Trepidant

    Le Trepidant

    2 days ago

    I just watched one of his videos killing a Duramax at night. Incredibly stupid, utterly dangerous.But. He made it so himself. So this isn't a big surprise after all.

  6. Tom C

    Tom C

    3 days ago

    0:05 - 0:0000056 Me: I'll try not to *uwu fcuk face*

  7. Lee Braddock

    Lee Braddock

    3 days ago

    I'm sure that you play draft kings????

  8. klau88873


    4 days ago

    Science and Safety. Very cool.

  9. Max Mueller

    Max Mueller

    4 days ago

    This was great! I've always wondered about you getting hit by ricochet

  10. Bryce Hunter

    Bryce Hunter

    6 days ago

    Only thing Whistlin diesel Is whistling is his meth pipe

  11. yy Xrc

    yy Xrc

    6 days ago

    *"Tis but a scratch"*

  12. Pokémon Openings

    Pokémon Openings

    6 days ago

    Exactly like him

  13. Empridon


    6 days ago

    I'd do it for free Fml. 12:39

  14. Declan Lawford-Wickham

    Declan Lawford-Wickham

    6 days ago

    The faint fair rice longitudinally walk because workshop subcellularly move to a hypnotic yogurt. certain, obedient japanese

  15. troy hilbish

    troy hilbish

    7 days ago

    What are the boots you are wearing Matt?

  16. BF Chamb3

    BF Chamb3

    7 days ago

    next video: modern anti-material rifle vs schwewer gustav 2.0

  17. Francis Sims

    Francis Sims

    8 days ago

    TFM wants you to know *that's not spalling!*

  18. Daylynn Cole

    Daylynn Cole

    8 days ago

    $20 I will do it

  19. cyroar 341

    cyroar 341

    9 days ago

    The sound the first 50 made reminded me of bo2 zombies

  20. Most excellent Ted

    Most excellent Ted

    10 days ago

    10:30 anyone else hear the bo3 zombies sound?🤣

  21. Dustin Moore

    Dustin Moore

    10 days ago

    Dude your not funny at all.. I thought this was gonna be a whistlin diesel video

  22. Ethan Hubbard

    Ethan Hubbard

    11 days ago

    I'm generally upset wd survived. 😂😂

  23. MattsFire


    12 days ago

    "ugh this is sketchy... FIRING" -matt

  24. Declan Lawford-Wickham

    Declan Lawford-Wickham

    12 days ago

    The drunk magician identically avoid because part happily advise per a quirky example. capricious, willing budget

  25. R L

    R L

    12 days ago

    Well technically he didn't do it at the same range as whistlin diesel. I don't know if that matters or not

  26. Maksymilian Gainski

    Maksymilian Gainski

    12 days ago

    1 quadrillian dollars

  27. Beast 60

    Beast 60

    13 days ago

    Do you not like WD? Was the opening out to disrespect him? Im confused

  28. Daniel Manning

    Daniel Manning

    13 days ago

    This is the most important video you have ever made. Not most interesting, clicky, funniest, just...scientifically very helpful to reduce harm to life and limb.

  29. NICK D

    NICK D

    14 days ago

    One inch 😂😂😂

  30. Wendy Kalman

    Wendy Kalman

    14 days ago

    A larger steel plate would have more of a " spring " effect . The alloy would also make a huge difference. Great vid on this notorious hazard that many shooters are unaware of .

  31. Cambry mcfat

    Cambry mcfat

    14 days ago

    3:00 particle board, the strongest protector on earth

  32. Peter Wiegman

    Peter Wiegman

    15 days ago

    "for once"... best part of the video

  33. Brian Pickett

    Brian Pickett

    15 days ago

    Safer for once!! HAHA

  34. Ratul Roy

    Ratul Roy

    15 days ago

    10mil congrats

  35. Jack Klitsch

    Jack Klitsch

    15 days ago

    3:57 The demolition ranch incident

  36. ChildofYHVH


    16 days ago

    I shot a short barreled .22 revolver into what I thought was a good target, (pine tree!!!) The bullet bounced straight back and I literally saw in and ducked and it hit me above my right eye!!! Talk about a freak out!!!! I put my hand over what I envisioned as a horrible life threatening wound and ran to the nearest vehicle mirror only to unveil a little red mark!!! Definitely lesson learned!!!!

  37. Jason Funchar

    Jason Funchar

    16 days ago

    When you say you are going way behind cover, but you go to the exact same spot

  38. thateffin guy

    thateffin guy

    17 days ago

    Kentucky Ballistics: *HOLD MY BEER*

  39. Mike Rogoz

    Mike Rogoz

    17 days ago

    5,000 I’ll pull the trigger in the box without earplugs lmfao

  40. ılgaz kader

    ılgaz kader

    18 days ago

    gun BARRETT M99 🤔

  41. Dakota Craddock

    Dakota Craddock

    18 days ago

    Live mas

  42. Dimitry Victor

    Dimitry Victor

    18 days ago

    We aren't you im the movies yet?

  43. the retarded podcasts

    the retarded podcasts

    20 days ago

    8:40 pause it

  44. J D

    J D

    20 days ago

    WD actions are a disgrace to the automotive world and firearms community. If he were to have an incident that almost killed him like Scott at Kentucky Ballistics I’d still call him a spoiled dumb A** who doesn’t know sh*t. What kind of reasonable, and sane person destroys trucks because there fans don’t approve… oh wait whistling does… f**k that guy

  45. Cal Seabolt

    Cal Seabolt

    20 days ago

    Send diésel homes hes dangerious around guns

  46. Wavy 10,0000 Tc

    Wavy 10,0000 Tc

    22 days ago


  47. joe average

    joe average

    23 days ago

    "Most best" ????

  48. balltillifall88


    23 days ago

    Imagine being a part of Matt's outro. That's the real accomplishment here.

  49. Bret Sparks

    Bret Sparks

    24 days ago

    Bro no no no 😞 your better than this , in fact bigger. I’m saddened as a long time viewing viewer, I’m GOING gone

  50. ArduinoBen


    24 days ago

    Shit was it really 3 months ago?

  51. heethen112


    25 days ago

    I can’t stand whistling diesel!😝

  52. Andrew Hunt

    Andrew Hunt

    25 days ago

    Hey, I think a Toyota Hilux can stop a .50 BMG.

  53. TheLastNoise


    27 days ago

    When you thought you died and was transferred to a world where Matt was WhistlinDiesel instead...

  54. Roope Niskanen

    Roope Niskanen

    27 days ago

    i love how he didnt bother removing the scopes

  55. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson

    28 days ago

    Sooooo dope. . .

  56. Angry Mob

    Angry Mob

    28 days ago

    Be nice to WD, he is a bit....special, but we like him.

  57. its studz

    its studz

    29 days ago

    Should have done a tungsten core

  58. Razer DeathAdder V2

    Razer DeathAdder V2

    Month ago

    whats triggering the fuck out of me is that he left the scopes/sights on the guns

  59. Trevor Neal

    Trevor Neal

    Month ago

    Matt: “How much would someone have to pay you?” Me: yes

  60. Erotic and Psychotic

    Erotic and Psychotic

    Month ago

    What a joke

  61. Unknown Item

    Unknown Item

    Month ago

    I’d do it for a fully restored 1967 mustang GT fastback and you pay my medical bills if I have to go

  62. Dgr


    Month ago

    The bit about the 1400 bikes I didn’t know wether to not believe or believe 😂

  63. Cool Boi

    Cool Boi

    Month ago


  64. Alex G

    Alex G

    Month ago

    T’Amu: TexasA&M University Tua: The university of Alabama

  65. Lance Washington

    Lance Washington

    Month ago

    What sucks is there isn't a full vid anymore

  66. The Bus Bums

    The Bus Bums

    Month ago

    Loved the intro. The punch was perfect

  67. Pwnzistor


    Month ago

    ... What the hell did I just watch?

  68. Jose Luis Palacios

    Jose Luis Palacios

    Month ago

    Pay me 1 million and I will pull the trigger from 4 ft away

  69. hi person

    hi person

    Month ago

    wouldn't the Angle of the metal he shot affect the Angle of the ricochet? what if what he shot was slanted vs being straight

  70. Anzac Dux

    Anzac Dux

    Month ago

    Bro you give a thousand dollars and let me shot some guns I will do it for tou

  71. Knight Wolf

    Knight Wolf

    Month ago

    safety first

  72. Glen


    Month ago

    Best intro ever! 🤣

  73. wes mantooth

    wes mantooth

    Month ago

    Am I wrong for worrying more about the guns being damaged in this test than any of the data?

    • Kellan Watford

      Kellan Watford

      Month ago

      He has plenty of guns he has at least 4 50 cals

  74. Nox Echo

    Nox Echo

    Month ago

    first diesel, then kentucky ballistics, people really seem to have bad luck with 50s lmao.

  75. Luis Longoria

    Luis Longoria

    Month ago

    I noticed the M82's muzzle brake turned 30° in more than one tuber's point blank demos. That's definitely a variable that wasn't considered when KB's RN-50 failed

  76. -✨💫aftons shadows💫✨-

    -✨💫aftons shadows💫✨-

    Month ago

    I love how he says "that one is over an inch long " then he whispers "that's what she said"

  77. Peter Ruiz

    Peter Ruiz

    Month ago

    that cord on the trigger is like a 'trip wire'...If you snag it, gun fires...No eye protection...You could be very blind after being so close to it all, .....Just saying a bit late

  78. I'm at work

    I'm at work

    Month ago

  79. Hooker


    Month ago

    A 1% chance of the bullet coming back its too much.

  80. BearCat459


    Month ago

    When Matt does acting about other USgoners its the best thing ever.

  81. Google User

    Google User

    Month ago

    20 hundred dollars 🤔

  82. Keelan Whiteway

    Keelan Whiteway

    Month ago

    I do a video with

  83. Joey Meyer

    Joey Meyer

    Month ago

    What's going on with 50 bmg trying to take youtubers nowa days?

  84. Classic Automotive of Texas

    Classic Automotive of Texas

    Month ago

    Surprised none of the scopes caught shrapnel.

  85. Tj Dismute

    Tj Dismute

    Month ago

    Yooo to accurate

  86. Smert


    Month ago

    Did any of your firearms receive any damage from these tests?

  87. Martyn Haworth

    Martyn Haworth

    Month ago

    Should probably change his name to whistlindickhead doing something that stupid, all jokes aside glad hes ok, man could've had his brain all over his camera guy

    • Danefrak Wagman

      Danefrak Wagman

      Month ago


  88. Matt Morrison

    Matt Morrison

    Month ago

    The kid is a savage but playing with a 50 cal is no bueno.

  89. ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    Month ago

    Def hit the plates lol I mean yeaaaa I would hope so dude lol

  90. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs

    Month ago

    I’m surprised he left scopes on for this experiment.

  91. Steven Brown

    Steven Brown

    Month ago

    12:19 "speaking of black" OH NO!!

  92. Nick Coryell

    Nick Coryell

    Month ago

    New video idea, test out a hot slap round in a serbu bfg.

  93. TwoPlusTwo EqualsFive

    TwoPlusTwo EqualsFive

    Month ago

    Nooooooo take the scopes off ya guns bro😲

  94. Remington Steel

    Remington Steel

    Month ago

    WhistlinDiesel doesn’t strike me as having Dr ish intelligence...

  95. Remington Steel

    Remington Steel

    Month ago

    Whistlin diesel doesn’t strike me as having DR ish intelligence...

  96. Sslipknot 234568

    Sslipknot 234568

    Month ago

    where ak 50

  97. Chris Piccioni

    Chris Piccioni

    Month ago

    Had some fragments fly back and hit me in the neck, shooting into a berm with a 30.06 Springfield. My guess is a rock was hit, or there was something solid/trash underneath the dirt. Just some broken skin, felt like somebody flicked me in the neck. I was 40 yards back.

  98. Chris Offutt

    Chris Offutt

    Month ago

    an assumption is made here that the steel used was hardened steel designed to be a target. If I was a betting person the steel used in the original video was mild plate steel.

  99. WetDog37


    Month ago

    dum intro as always but there is always quality content!!

  100. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas

    Month ago

    Matt has so many guns that he would probably take 10 minutes trying to pick one to get a burglar with and by then the person would be gone lol