The WWII Liberator vs My Giant Nuts

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  1. Aaeez Khan

    Aaeez Khan

    8 hours ago

    Did his nose bleed 5:00

  2. John Merrill

    John Merrill

    17 hours ago

    Saddest part about this video is that cashews are not nuts

  3. Callahan TV

    Callahan TV

    17 hours ago

    Deez nutz

  4. Jason Hua

    Jason Hua

    17 hours ago

    The guns were not used on the scale that they were supposed to be used because only a few people had them and it was difficult to use. The purpose of them was not to use in combat but to assassinate a soldier up close and take their weapon. After the war, most of them were either dumped or melted down. Edit: I want to say that it was not heard of about anybody using it with sucess

  5. RainDiax


    Day ago

    Matt: I'm gonna Cashew with my Cashew jokes Paranut: Am I a joke to you? I'm goin Paranuts

  6. ManuBeCrazy ps4

    ManuBeCrazy ps4

    Day ago

    Nothin get through matts big ol' nuts

  7. Yair Camacho

    Yair Camacho

    Day ago

    I thought you lose all your guns



    Day ago

    I can tell you had a lot of fun with this video lmaoo love the content

  9. DJ DeePro Booster - SA Official

    DJ DeePro Booster - SA Official

    Day ago


  10. Kakashi Sensei

    Kakashi Sensei

    2 days ago

    Wait I thought..

  11. Skylar Flageolle

    Skylar Flageolle

    2 days ago

    Your also supposed to have a stick you put down the barrel to reload

  12. Aden Olowu

    Aden Olowu

    2 days ago

    Are you gay

  13. Glitch cake

    Glitch cake

    2 days ago

    That kid who always reads the vid befor looking *clicks the vid lol

  14. Matthew Michael Rivera

    Matthew Michael Rivera

    2 days ago

    This whole video was just sus

  15. Tacitcal Technlogy

    Tacitcal Technlogy

    3 days ago

    Hello is your room videos keep up the good work

  16. Tacitcal Technlogy

    Tacitcal Technlogy

    3 days ago

    You mean her

  17. Tacitcal Technlogy

    Tacitcal Technlogy

    3 days ago


  18. Tacitcal Technlogy

    Tacitcal Technlogy

    3 days ago

    When he said wantbt

  19. justin hampton

    justin hampton

    3 days ago

    Yo You better be glad you didn't say balls instead of nutz

    • justin hampton

      justin hampton

      3 days ago

      And Matt stop doing so much harm here nuts You're gonna break them

    • justin hampton

      justin hampton

      3 days ago


  20. Sandy Kern

    Sandy Kern

    3 days ago

    The gun is smooth bore

    • Sandy Kern

      Sandy Kern

      3 days ago

      Not shit aiming

  21. Ophel


    3 days ago

    hes like Martin Cabello but GUN

  22. bryce


    3 days ago

    around 5:20 he looked down and blood came out his nose

  23. Rivers Lumley

    Rivers Lumley

    3 days ago

    This is funny

  24. By Ansgar

    By Ansgar

    4 days ago

    In Germany the name of the nuts is mom (Mutter)

  25. DaveDexterMusic


    4 days ago

    oh god, the skit. he's doing skits

  26. Vincent T.

    Vincent T.

    4 days ago

    U sus

  27. James Vlogs

    James Vlogs

    4 days ago

    I'm just waiting to see Matt buy a Taser

  28. Micah Lee

    Micah Lee

    4 days ago

    there is a ram rod to take out the cartridge

  29. jbsmith966


    4 days ago

    The liberator was a gun used to get guns. The idea was to ambush a small patrol , picket or sentry and take their weapons .

  30. PudgeyHamster


    4 days ago

    How did the cameraman not DIE of laughter?!

  31. Adam Brownrigg

    Adam Brownrigg

    4 days ago

    So many nut jokes...

  32. C W

    C W

    4 days ago

    Dont ask me why but I read this as the liberals vs my giant nuts 五

  33. Max Haeri

    Max Haeri

    4 days ago

    How did no one see this 5:10

  34. Trenton Terry

    Trenton Terry

    4 days ago

    u know who cant see the notsees

  35. Super Luke

    Super Luke

    4 days ago

    This video is sus in many different ways

  36. Jacob Mendez

    Jacob Mendez

    4 days ago

    nice nuts

  37. Finnegan Duffy

    Finnegan Duffy

    4 days ago

    hello matt i think you should do a gun showcase where you shoot all you guns and talk about that type of gun and its history PS. i love your videos!

  38. josh ridenour

    josh ridenour

    4 days ago

    Ummm I dont know how I feel about that one

  39. Gunner Howard

    Gunner Howard

    5 days ago

    Me looking at the title I was like huh

  40. Kidsinmybasment ,

    Kidsinmybasment ,

    5 days ago

    Japan: "hey don't pass the nuke" USA: "no ill even drop it on you"

  41. Jacoby Payton

    Jacoby Payton

    5 days ago

    Hahahaha nut jokes

  42. tommy roger

    tommy roger

    5 days ago

    This is the only video where matt can say nuts and not be flaged for sexual content

  43. Jo Stanford

    Jo Stanford

    5 days ago

    what a title不

  44. Stephen Maguire

    Stephen Maguire

    5 days ago

    Matt, If you had a HELMET as opposed to an ANT EATER , your nuts would be fine.

  45. Andrew Langley

    Andrew Langley

    5 days ago

    do you have a gold desert eagle???

  46. Uncle Duncan's Shack

    Uncle Duncan's Shack

    6 days ago

    That was informative and entertaining. I agree, safety first, when things start ricocheting of your nuts it's time to put a stop to things. Very clever design that Liberator, it only had to last long enough to disarm a few enemy personnel. Grim, wars are terrible, imagine the circumstances as they were.

  47. Lukas Schurad

    Lukas Schurad

    6 days ago

    A pistol given to civillians called liberator is the most American thing ever.

  48. ahitepo yt

    ahitepo yt

    6 days ago

    this sounds so gay

  49. Kevin Hudson

    Kevin Hudson

    6 days ago

    There was a wood dowel to push the shell out and the grip has a spare rounds.

  50. joes347


    6 days ago

    "Ideally it doesn't explode" needs to be a bumper sticker

  51. obama prism

    obama prism

    6 days ago

    Matt was never able to have kids again...

  52. max krohn

    max krohn

    6 days ago

    Hello does anyone know a good editing software for windows ?? I



    6 days ago

    Ayoooo not the shooter lol

  54. TGenics


    6 days ago

    The outro, wow!!

    • TGenics


      6 days ago

      12:02 because I realized there was another one at the end :D

  55. Frog Power B

    Frog Power B

    6 days ago

    Did you buy the 25 auto, because you thought it was automatic. (matt humor is grate)

  56. Patrik Houg

    Patrik Houg

    6 days ago

    Lol the ending

  57. Patrik Houg

    Patrik Houg

    6 days ago

    Small nuts, not shooting black tip. Lol kidding

  58. Patrik Houg

    Patrik Houg

    6 days ago

    He threw that 12guage onn purpose

  59. Jake Awesome_USA

    Jake Awesome_USA

    6 days ago

    Those are big work and I get some this is not a joke Im curious what kind of stuff thats made for

  60. MR GRIZZ


    7 days ago

    It should have a ram rod to knock the bullet out...but the gun was made as a throw away gun you would assassinate a enemy then you would take his more able rifle

  61. Aren Sereathy

    Aren Sereathy

    7 days ago

    The liberator redefines the phrase Shitty hooker pistol,

  62. Cody Ashcraft

    Cody Ashcraft

    7 days ago

    if you want to shoot more rounds at it turn it to the side and measure how far in they go, so you know if it would go through, and its a flat surface

  63. zach luck

    zach luck

    7 days ago

    I laughed so many goddamn times during this

  64. Hank the haybot

    Hank the haybot

    7 days ago

    thats nuts

  65. Hank the haybot

    Hank the haybot

    7 days ago

    nuts liberated

  66. PhantomGaming56


    7 days ago

    Me reading the tittle: thats what she said

  67. Rzler


    7 days ago

    how many cashew jokes where in this video im nut sure

  68. MrTimTam


    7 days ago

    So if o were to wear that thick metal on me I would be iron man?

  69. Samir Sheko

    Samir Sheko

    7 days ago

    Which nuts?

  70. GoGoSqueezeX


    8 days ago

    When the demolitia is sus

  71. illigal alien

    illigal alien

    8 days ago

    i did not know gay people could own guns C:

  72. Daniel Marino

    Daniel Marino

    8 days ago

    7:39 "what sound does a nut make when its sneezing" *FART NOISE OFF IN THE DISTANCE* the timing! im dying xD

  73. Asianplague


    8 days ago

    Nice nuts

  74. Antonio Serenil

    Antonio Serenil

    8 days ago

    omg a compilation of the nut jokes would be gold. I had to replay the last one over and over

  75. trip


    8 days ago

    Respect for the blind people that heared this

  76. Daily [BRM-5]

    Daily [BRM-5]

    9 days ago

    Ayo chill...

  77. Fortpro34


    9 days ago

    I love his sense of humor 不

  78. Marcus Ortega

    Marcus Ortega

    9 days ago

    Pls let me know when you would want to sell the little 25 pistol ever if not I would totally understand 滕

  79. Jesse


    9 days ago

    One bullet!? Cmon merica.

  80. John R. Timmers

    John R. Timmers

    9 days ago

    The Liberator, the original "Level Up" gun. See Nazi, shoot Nazi, take Nazi's gun.

  81. Keegan Nagel

    Keegan Nagel

    9 days ago

    Testicular torsion

  82. John Waite

    John Waite

    9 days ago

    it was a point blank gun, it came with a diagram on how to use just pictures no words , there would have been a small wooden dowel to push empty cartridge out. in France usually a pretty girl would lure a German into an allyand boom

  83. Garpu _

    Garpu _

    10 days ago

    I love this video title

  84. TarHeelsFan23 xx

    TarHeelsFan23 xx

    10 days ago

    I love that mini 14

  85. SnkrheadArt


    10 days ago

    5:33 you didnt even hit it, it went into the top right.

  86. Tanner Barry

    Tanner Barry

    10 days ago

    Astronut in the ocean

  87. Donz Milky

    Donz Milky

    10 days ago

    Lot of power behind that bullet to throw those nuts that far.

  88. Lucas Brunner

    Lucas Brunner

    10 days ago

    i would love to clean up the place for you and collect the cases

  89. Sleepythesage


    10 days ago

    nice nuts

  90. Jan Collins

    Jan Collins

    11 days ago

    i wanna know how many takes this took

  91. Ben M

    Ben M

    11 days ago

    When you see her for the first time after quarantine. 10:48

  92. Average Picker

    Average Picker

    11 days ago

    I dont care what critics say, I love that stupid little gun.

  93. Fox Studio's

    Fox Studio's

    11 days ago

    Nothing like some good chrome plated nuts, those are probably some strong nuts since they are chrome nuts

  94. entitydotexe


    11 days ago

    ATF: What are you shooting at? Mat: *DEEZ NUTS*

  95. Arcqx


    11 days ago


  96. Arcqx


    11 days ago

    The WW2 Liberator vs My Giant Nuts *I READ THAT WRONG AND CLICKED TOO QUICK.*

  97. InternetShibe47


    11 days ago

    it cocks just like a nerf gun lmfao

  98. BreadLord 77

    BreadLord 77

    12 days ago

    Nuts of steel.

  99. lyx


    12 days ago

    nut bodyarmor

  100. Joey Wallace

    Joey Wallace

    12 days ago