World's Smallest AK vs 300lbs of Butter

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
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  1. DemolitionRanch


    3 months ago

    Download WARPATH through my link: Use my creator code to get awesome in-game rewards: @Demolition Join the event to have a chance of winning a PS5, Switch, or tons of Amazon Cards. Check the link:

    • Erazor Efface

      Erazor Efface

      2 days ago

      Warpath is such a cheap and stupid Game

    • RR PLAN C

      RR PLAN C

      4 days ago

      Not an AK

    • videos


      7 days ago

      @Lee Shufelt by ruining the environment

    • Lee Shufelt

      Lee Shufelt

      7 days ago

      @demolitionranch how do you get so much butter broooo😂

    • videos


      7 days ago


  2. Lost Dreamlands

    Lost Dreamlands

    3 hours ago

    You should give the ak pistol to the ak guy as a birthday present

  3. Jøyfûll


    10 hours ago

    I love how it look like he got a panzoid intro

  4. Higurashi-kun


    12 hours ago

    that 500 magnum i'm pretty confident its the big iron on the hip of the arizona ranger

  5. Clint Cleavers

    Clint Cleavers

    12 hours ago

    Came for the butter shooting, but really enjoyed the butter burnout @ the end.

  6. Daniel Murphy

    Daniel Murphy

    14 hours ago

    we don't talk about the world's smallest AK..

  7. James Moore

    James Moore

    20 hours ago

    Matt, I think its about time you design and make your own gun! I've been a subscriber for YEARS! I've always wanted a video of your own gun design and firing PS, the Grey in your beard is showing your age

  8. Preston Nguyen

    Preston Nguyen

    21 hour ago

    I downloaded it

  9. NoHate4TheWikked


    23 hours ago

    Me waiting for the .50cal like 👁👄👁

  10. Joel Martinez

    Joel Martinez

    Day ago


  11. C Y

    C Y

    Day ago

    bro u got grey hairs already

  12. Reesaimee Sofhan

    Reesaimee Sofhan

    Day ago

    2:02 poor doggy

  13. Wei-Qi Li

    Wei-Qi Li

    Day ago

    What are you doing with 300 pounds of butter? That's 150 kilocalories of oil P.S. The PS1 is a real playstation!

  14. Marco Túlio

    Marco Túlio

    Day ago

    I like butter, but i don't like eating chunks of butter

  15. Tartaruga alada

    Tartaruga alada

    Day ago

    15:31 yo didn't notice that

  16. JJ Donnelly

    JJ Donnelly

    Day ago

    They should make body armor out of butter

  17. gewoon abnormaal

    gewoon abnormaal

    Day ago

    Dude he was eating pure butter in the end

  18. nigjerkiller


    Day ago

    You should get a bunch of tape and see how many layers it takes to stop a bullet

  19. Ion_even_know


    Day ago

    What da dog doin???

  20. John Stephens

    John Stephens

    Day ago

    So, bulletproof coffee is more accurate than we think?

  21. Blackout 44

    Blackout 44

    Day ago

    15:34 here it is the bullet

  22. Blackout 44

    Blackout 44

    Day ago

    10:00 we can clearly see the Bullet hole ( bottom middle )

  23. Todd Ryan

    Todd Ryan

    Day ago

    pulls out a "long" barrel revolver 500 mag the fck



    Day ago

    The chinese will be expecting an apology spoken in Margarine. {0.o} 😂😂😂

  25. hamody 5aug2017

    hamody 5aug2017

    2 days ago

    Why spoil food?

  26. LG LG

    LG LG

    2 days ago

    10000000 подписчиков показывай все стволы

  27. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    2 days ago

    “I can’t believe this is butter” - I can’t believe it’s not butter

  28. Quincy Ethelbah

    Quincy Ethelbah

    2 days ago

    He said “Even though it’s really hard to be strait, I’m gonna try today”



    2 days ago

    im gonna shoot the play station 1

  30. Jacob Gardiepy

    Jacob Gardiepy

    3 days ago

    "Ow! I don't like this at all." *Next shot* "I mean, it's fine it didn't hurt." 😂😂

  31. Murcia man

    Murcia man

    3 days ago

    If this dude wuz in cod zombies the zombies would shit themselves cuz he activate random BS go

  32. Murcia man

    Murcia man

    3 days ago

    Haha Tiny AK go brrrt

  33. Travis McCaig

    Travis McCaig

    3 days ago

    WTB a butter gloves T-shirt.....anyone else?

  34. Adrian Angel

    Adrian Angel

    3 days ago

    ballistics butter

  35. Mitch


    3 days ago

    And in the morning I’M MAKIN WAFFLES! 🧈 🧇

  36. Joe Smartballs

    Joe Smartballs

    3 days ago

    I thought you shot a stick out of the Luger for about 3 seconds.

  37. the memescape

    the memescape

    3 days ago

    Skydoseminecraft would love this.

  38. AJ Beutzman

    AJ Beutzman

    3 days ago

    O my gosssssss

  39. Mr. tortelduck

    Mr. tortelduck

    3 days ago

    Dog wit tha butter

  40. Archer Bracewell

    Archer Bracewell

    3 days ago

    Is it weird that I want to take a bite out of the butter?

  41. Andres Umaña

    Andres Umaña

    3 days ago

    14:27 is that what the joker used to shoot down Batman's plane?

  42. Phone Addict

    Phone Addict

    3 days ago

    How long would it take to smoke that tho

  43. Jassan Hoeckle

    Jassan Hoeckle

    3 days ago

    Disgustig what you do with Food, so ignorant

    • Cashmoney Houston

      Cashmoney Houston

      2 days ago

      It's his money and his food he can do whatever he wants 🤦🏻‍♂️

  44. B. Z

    B. Z

    3 days ago

    I just found out my favorite USgone channel!

  45. Zipperhead Percxan

    Zipperhead Percxan

    4 days ago

    Butter armor?

  46. damian hudlin

    damian hudlin

    4 days ago

    1:32 am I'm watching a guy shoot butter

  47. Spextral


    4 days ago

    So you're the guy that's in all my math problems...

  48. Dalton c

    Dalton c

    4 days ago

    The 556 was probably going really slow because of the short barrel and the diameter of the boolet is small so less pressure. I think..

  49. Dalton c

    Dalton c

    4 days ago

    Glad to see you get sponsors since USgone is ran by commies

  50. az USA

    az USA

    4 days ago

    Why didn’t he use a butter knife to dig out the slugs 🙂

  51. Hunter Gamez

    Hunter Gamez

    4 days ago

    He said it was chilly out side like 60 I’m like wow that’s warm

  52. Chance Smith

    Chance Smith

    4 days ago

    Almost disliked the video for the “I can’t believe this is butter” comment

  53. BB-Gaming 31

    BB-Gaming 31

    4 days ago

    Cheese 🧀 what about blocks of cheddar cheese ? Have you shot them yet?

  54. Sarah Curry

    Sarah Curry

    4 days ago

    4 10 like a baby shotgun

  55. yoriichi tsugikuni

    yoriichi tsugikuni

    5 days ago

    "Get the holes confused" Bro that's how I was born

  56. hosur sree vani

    hosur sree vani

    5 days ago

    That long revolver destroyed the butter

  57. animation man

    animation man

    5 days ago

    So what I've learned from this, Butters the Ultimate Defense.

  58. A M

    A M

    5 days ago

  59. KorruptKhaos


    5 days ago

    500 magnum? Don't you mean the bigger iron

  60. jj 2812

    jj 2812

    5 days ago

    Dude ur wasting food. But still i love it

  61. Ohhbillyshizer YT

    Ohhbillyshizer YT

    5 days ago

    "huh, I can't believe this is butter" 😭😭🤣

  62. BrawlStarsSmiley 2

    BrawlStarsSmiley 2

    5 days ago

    "Even though it's hard to be straight, I'm gonna try today"

  63. Pinkey’s Universe

    Pinkey’s Universe

    5 days ago

    This is Merica 100

  64. Im High O_o

    Im High O_o

    5 days ago

    10:44 R.I.P shooting gloves

  65. everyone gets rocked

    everyone gets rocked

    5 days ago

    I hope you spit all that butter out.

  66. ErdTA ff

    ErdTA ff

    5 days ago

    Tanks should be plastered with butter, may be soldiers too...

  67. IXI joli

    IXI joli

    6 days ago

    Big NO , stop wasting food !

  68. Tony Tone

    Tony Tone

    6 days ago

    this anyone know the lil bike he uses in the video lmfao



    6 days ago

    You kinda look like dark from the walking dead but older at some points

  70. Wilba 1809

    Wilba 1809

    6 days ago

    why dont they just make tanks out of butter?

  71. Joel Mansur

    Joel Mansur

    6 days ago

    13:00 when mom sees my fleshlight

  72. SmellMy Finger

    SmellMy Finger

    6 days ago

    Can I barrow some butter?

  73. catperon 21

    catperon 21

    6 days ago

    When he wip out the BIGGER IRON

  74. Chase B.

    Chase B.

    6 days ago

    Matt putting sticks in the butter bullet holes will always be funny to me.

  75. brant barker

    brant barker

    6 days ago

    Butter me.

  76. Sam McBride

    Sam McBride

    6 days ago

    Why is butter so popular? It cannot be anything like meat. No one says wow...this knife cuts through butter like meat. ;)

  77. Mac


    6 days ago

    Honestly kept scrolling passed this one for 2 months. Big mistake.

  78. Arjune Rajput

    Arjune Rajput

    6 days ago

    The craziest thing in this video was him eating huge chomps of butter.

  79. David Miller

    David Miller

    6 days ago

    Shot a round into the wall of your house and see witch one would go fouthr

  80. Richard Cox

    Richard Cox

    6 days ago

    You needed gav and dan for the butter episode

  81. Damion Gonzalez

    Damion Gonzalez

    6 days ago

    PS1 the initials for the PlayStation one

  82. Jerand


    6 days ago

    In my kitchen trying to fry eggs, ummm I have no butter. Butter shortage? I don't know how!!!!

  83. Louis Babycos

    Louis Babycos

    6 days ago

    If you shoot two 25ACP pistols duct taped together wouldn't that be a 50 Cal ? Ducks and runs

  84. Matthison The Gamer

    Matthison The Gamer

    6 days ago

    no one gonna ask how he got all that butter

  85. LadmanMp4


    6 days ago

    I love how much he sounds like Chris Pratt

  86. TMAK 11

    TMAK 11

    7 days ago

    thanks for eating the butter. i can now sleep at night ;)

  87. Caleb Lott

    Caleb Lott

    7 days ago

    *The Department of Defense, Ballistics Research Division, would like to know your location.*

  88. Caleb Lott

    Caleb Lott

    7 days ago

    There are so many puns which may be created by this video. The meme-metrics scales are off the charts. Truly, this is peak internet: on par with the Great Leroy Jenkins Old.

  89. Jason Hinton

    Jason Hinton

    7 days ago

    Use 50 bmg armor

  90. Drippy


    7 days ago

    With a big iron against his butter

  91. lavathrower gameing

    lavathrower gameing

    7 days ago

    Now thats what i call a big iron

  92. Rodd Banks

    Rodd Banks

    7 days ago

    You know Matt’s from the south when he considers weather in the 60s as “chilly”

  93. Aile Moonstream

    Aile Moonstream

    7 days ago

    But what about cheese.

  94. Nate Cook

    Nate Cook

    7 days ago

    PAR1 = Pistol Automatic Rifle 1 PAK1 = Pistol Avtomat Kalashnikova 1

  95. Chevaughn Arnold

    Chevaughn Arnold

    7 days ago

    Am only here wishing I had me some bitter make some daam popcorn for Christ shake instead somebody as an an melting it

  96. Jinks


    7 days ago

    I have often wondered what Matt does with all his old shell casings?

  97. Dominique Cordone

    Dominique Cordone

    7 days ago

    What a waste

  98. Palvelus Music

    Palvelus Music

    7 days ago

    (16:03) from the start of the video i was imagining you shooting that with a 50 BMG

  99. Burnt Waffles

    Burnt Waffles

    7 days ago

    Bro schools work better than butter

  100. Agent 45

    Agent 45

    7 days ago

    Waste of butter. What a shame